About Us

The following are members of the Basinga Management Committee.

01256 326909
Colin Follett
Please send all articles for publication in the magazine to
Lyn.  Closing date is normally the 10th of the month for
publication in the following month.  Submissions can be made
online here, or send them to editor@basinga.org.uk
Sub Editor: Mr Lyn Caswell
01256 463908
Graham Merry
All enquiries, other than those related to the Editor and
Advertising Manager, should be addressed to Graham at 
Advertising Manager:
Tony Gray
For all Free Ads, inserts, classified and contract ads please
contact advertising@basinga.org.uk
01256 331334
Anne Taylor
Layout Advisor: Tony Gray
Website Manager: Kevin Curtis
All web related enquiries can be made to Kevin at webman@basinga.org.uk
Distribution Managers:
Old Basing: Jenny Harris 01256  462280
Lychpit: Andree McLean 01256 819006
Old Basing Parish
Peter Bloyce
St. Mary’s Parochial
Parish Council:
Ian Kershaw
Vicar St. Mary’s Church: Rev Alexander Battey