Leaflet Enquiry


We are able to distribute 3256 A5/A4 folded inserts in the magazine each month (3275 are required to ensure spares are available).

The inserts are limited to three each month and we will advise if a competitive advertiser is already using the service for your requested month.

  • The rates are £60 for Private and £130 for Commercial advertisers, the Advertising Manager will contact you to confirm required issue/s availability and the rate applicable.
  • Rates for more that two inserts over a 12 month period can be offered.
  • The closing date by which order form must be completed, remittance paid and leaflets delivered for distribution is the 10th of the month before the distribution month, except the January issue which is the 6th of December.
  • Your leaflet will also appear free of charge on our web site, providing you submit a jpeg or pdf file via the Submit Leaflet form after the Advertising Manager confirms the insert month is available.



All entries marked (*) are mandatory.   Your details are used for administration purposes only.



    • All remittance must be received before the Flyers will be distributed in the Basinga.
    • The cost of printing leaflets is not included in the distribution cost. Advertisers should arrange their own printing or the Basinga can recommend a suitable Commercial Printer.
    • No guarantee is or can be given as to the distribution month of the Flyer unless confirmed by the Advertising Manager.
    • Time scales and delivery location of the leaflets, suitably boxed, will be advised by the Advertising Manager on receipt of  the completed Order Form.
    • All advertisements distributed in the magazine are placed in good faith and the Basinga Management Committee accepts no responsibility for any statement, omissions of errors made by the advertiser or printer, nor do they endorse any product or service advertised.
    • The Basinga Management Committee reserves the right to refuse Flyers which it deems unfit for publication and therefore requires to see a copy of the graphic before delivery.
    • For logos, fonts and images of persons, not in the public domain, the advertiser must own the copyright or be authorised to use any or all of the elements of the source material, The Basinga Management Committee or its representatives cannot be held responsible for any dispute that may arise over copyright
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