Extras – April 2017

Virgin Media

An update from Councilor Elaine Still.

Having received several calls in relation to Virgin Media Contractors AFL and their standard of work laying cables in some areas of Old Basing and Lychpit, I have been working very closely with the Parish Council to help resolve these issues.

A site meeting took place recently in Old Basing with the management team from AFL, myself, HCC highways officer, members of the Parish and Borough councils and a local resident. Various sites were inspected where complaints had been made. The meeting was very productive and AFL did acknowledge the problems and promised to make good.

Below is a statement from Stuart Jarvis, Corporate Direct at Hampshire County Council setting out the responsibilities and Powers of the Highway Authority with regard to utility company road works in response to an email from me.

Dear Cllr Still,

Following the understandable concerns your constituents have raised about local works by Utility companies, you asked me to advise you on the responsibilities and powers of the Highway Authority, Hampshire County Council, with regard to utility company road works.

Virgin Media, like all utility companies, are governed by the New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 when working on the public highway. The legislation provides powers for such organisations to excavate and lay cables / pipes in the highway and maintain existing equipment. No permission from the County Council is needed. However, such works must comply with National specifications regarding safety and the reinstatement of the trench. Utility companies are required to inform the County Council of their work to allow the County Council to coordinate the various works being undertaken in the area to minimise traffic congestion. However, there is no legal requirement for utility companies to notify residents of the work, though we encourage them to do so out of courtesy to local residents.

Reinstatements must be structurally sound and should use similar materials as used in the existing surface. The utility company is also required to guarantee the quality of the reinstatement for two years. However, if any failure of the trench can be attributed to not reinstating according to the National specification then the utility company is liable for any repairs throughout the entire life of the trench. There is no provision for the aesthetics of the reinstatement in legislation, and regrettably trenches can have a negative visual impact, and still be fully in compliance with the national re-instatement standards. Where a utility actually damages a road or footway they are legally required to compensate the County Council for any repairs that are necessary. A sound reinstatement that complies with the National specification, even if it reduces the visual appearance of the road or footway, is not considered to be damage under these regulations.

Utility companies are permitted to store materials on the public highway on the proviso that they are stored safely and they are signed and guarded in accordance with a National safety specification. No permissions are needed except where the materials are stored on private land.

Approximately 30,000 utility works are undertaken on roads in Hampshire each year.  Utility companies are entirely responsible for their works and for ensuring that they comply with National specifications and legislation. The County Council undertakes approximately 10,000 inspections on utility sites each year to ensure that specifications are complied with. Where defects are noted, the utility company is required to undertake remedial works at their own cost and reimburse the County Council for their costs in undertaking the inspections. Checks on Virgin Media sites across Hampshire from July to September 2016 revealed that 95% of their reinstatements complied with the specifications.


Stuart Jarvis

Director of Economy, Transport and Environment

Please be assured that, along with the Parish Council, I will act on any issues that arise in relation to residents’ concerns regarding the work that is being undertaken by AFL. However please be aware of the several weeks’ time lag between my writing and your reading this column and that things are moving very quickly!

You can also directly email Christina Wilson Project Manager at AFL and copy me in please. Christina.Wilson@aflglobal.com



Website elainestill.com


St. Michael’s Hospice Lottery

Did you know St. Michael’s Hospice runs a weekly lottery? It is a great way to give regularly to the Hospice and support their excellent work while at the same time being in with the chance of winning a share of the £65,000 worth of prizes that are available every year!

Every week the 1st prize is £1,000 and with £100 to the 2nd prize winner, £50 to the 3rd prize winner and seventeen more prizes to be won, there are plenty of opportunities to share in the prize pot. But the best part about playing the lottery is knowing that you are helping to keep St. Michael’s Hospice totally free for patients and their families.

Each entry costs just £2 every week, it’s easy to pay by direct debit, and all winners are drawn at random. Cheques are posted automatically so there is no hassle claiming your prize.

St. Michael’s Hospice is a charity and every year needs to raise more than £3.1 million. Opened in 1992, the Hospice serves a population of over 250,000 across all of Basingstoke and Deane, into Hart and East Hampshire and helps patients on the In-Patient-Unit and out in the community through their Community Palliative Care teams. In addition, they support many more people through their Day Services and continuing support of patient’s families.

Please call 0870 050 1677 to enrol or if you have any questions. You can also email lottery@stmichaelshospice.org.uk or visit www.stmichaelshospice.org.uk/lottery for more information.

 Spring Update on St. Michael’s Home Care

Since our last update, St. Michael’s Home Care has continued to show very positive growth and is helping many members of your community in the comfort and security of their own homes, whilst using money generated to help St. Michael’s Hospice. In the last year we have more than doubled the hours of care we deliver and that number now stands at 900 hours a month including our popular live-in care service which in many cases is significantly cheaper than going into a care home. This growth has meant that our team of wonderful carers is now more than 30 strong and we are actively looking to recruit more of the highest quality carers to meet strong demand.

I am sure you are very aware of the current press coverage around the poor standards of care that are currently delivered in many places around the country. In the recent Spring Budget Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that an additional £2bn would be allocated to social care over the next three years, with £1bn available in 2017/18. This is at worst a step in the right direction and at best acknowledgment that we continue to face a crisis in the funding of quality care. 

We can say with confidence that our carers do a fantastic job helping people with a wide range of needs and we continue to be immensely proud of the work they do. Our care is not exclusive to those who are patients with St. Michael’s Hospice but open to all who are in need of that helping hand around the home.

Please call us on 01256 848 896 or email info@stmichaelshomecare.co.uk.  You can read more about us by visiting stmichaelshomecare.co.uk 

St. Michael’s Hospice Basingstoke 5 & 10K Run

Wednesday 17th May

Down Grange Sports Complex

Registration has opened!

The days are getting longer and warmer and here is a great way to get out there and enjoy it. St. Michael’s Hospice (North Hampshire) has opened registration for the 5 & 10K Basingstoke Run at Down Grange Sports Complex, Basingstoke on Wednesday 17th May 2017 starting at 7pm. Registration is quick and simple at basingstoke-run.co.uk where the price is only £6 for a child’s 5K and £15 for an adult 10K entry.

Runners will again be able to enjoy chip timing in both the 5 and 10K events with medals handed out to all participants. Jack FM will be there to entertain the runners and the spectators during the whole event. The run is always well supported by families, fun runners, first timers and local club runners. The focus is on the community coming together to have some fun, support the Hospice and enjoy an evening run.

We are thankful to our event sponsors The Barn Bathroom Centre, Clarke & Son, and Jigsaw Medical, and to JackFM Berkshire for their support of this event.

Volunteer Befriending Service

We are looking for Volunteers in your Community

Could you be a ‘Befriender’?

What will I be doing?

As a Volunteer Befriender your role will be to provide social companionship to patients who have a chronic or life limiting illness and who are isolated or lonely. Visiting patients in their own homes,  you will help them to feel more supported and help to improve their emotional well-being and confidence.

How much time do I need to commit?

Just 2-hours a week, or less, can make a real difference to a patient living in your local community.

What support will I be given?

All relevant training will be given, as well as regular and on-going support and supervision.


For further information contact Caroline Nash, Befriending Manager on: 01264 835293 

Email: Caroline.Nash@hhft.nhs.uk

Interested volunteers will be invited to an informal interview and the role is subject to references, simple health checks and DBS clearance.

Basingstoke Scrapbook

RCS LTD  will soon be opening the Basingstoke Scrap Box. The service offers an area of resources where play providers and the community can access an exciting range of creative scrap, which can be use in art, craft, and play activities for all ages.

All scrap materials have kindly been donated by businesses and the community. Many businesses have clean and useful waste that can be reused in a creative way, from off cuts, end of line productions, surplus stock and merchandise etc. By reusing these items it helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfill as well as helping the environment and the community.

RCS Easter Playscheme

Ramblers Association

The North Hampshire Downs Ramblers group, is part of the Ramblers Association, we walk mostly in Hampshire and the surrounding countryside. In the last few months our group has enjoyed both walks and social activities including a Christmas Lunch and our Christmas Jumper walk.

The group walk on both Tuesday and Saturday and cover  areas in and around Basingstoke as well as sometimes going further afield. We have had some lovely winter walks over the last few months and are now looking forward to bluebells and Spring.

Our Tuesday morning walks, which are typically 6- 7 miles continues to attract quite a number of walkers. We have recently walked around Hartley Wintney, Oakley and Hannington to name but a few. We usually end up with an end of walk pub stop, to give people time for a catch up.

Our Saturday walks tend to be longer, with fewer walkers, and can sometimes take most of the day. This last quarter we have enjoyed walks around Tisbury in Wiltshire, done parts of the Thames Path, and walked from Overton to Whitchurch with a bus back.

As well as the walks, the group also enjoys some social activities, this includes an Annual Summer Picnic, Boys lunches and the group occasionally organise weekends and days away. This May there is a coach trip planned to Burton On the Water and also a break in Paignton in June, which will involve 4 days of organised walks.

The group have an active path patrol group, who report problems to the local council and also do some work on the paths, which can be as varied as checking waymarking and replacing waymarking discs, minor clearing or even repairing stiles and gates. To date this group has replaced 20 plus gates in conjunction with the local council. The latest tasks were replacing a rotting sleeper bridge at Ashford Hill, and replacing a stile at Hannington with a Kissing gate.

If you are interested in finding out more about the North Hampshire Downs group, there is more information on our Website. www.northhampshiredownsramblers.org.uk.

If you are new to walking and want to give us a try, or already walk, you would be given a very warm welcome by the Group. We hope to see you soon!

If you are interested in joining the Ramblers we suggest you come along for a couple of walks with the group first to get a taster. Membership details are available from the Ramblers’ national website: www.ramblers.org.uk


At the Group’s AGM on 1st March the Chairman opened the meeting and in giving his report commented on the help given to him by both the members of the committee and others who helped at the monthly meetings. This meant that the group had another successful year with a wide range of speakers and outings while still maintaining a steady membership. The Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Welfare Officer all gave their reports and the officers and committee members for the coming year were appointed. After the conclusion of the official business a general knowledge quiz and the raffle were held followed by lunch at the Conservative Club.

The committee members for the coming year are:-

Chairman – David Cowling, Vice-Chairman – David Dance,

Secretary – Tony Brazier, Treasurer – June Brazier,

Membership Secretary – Sonia Waite, Welfare Officer – Christine Broadbent,

John Lambeth, Kate Lambeth and Maggie Hatton.

Our next outings are to Parham House on Friday 21st April, Exbury Gardens on Tuesday 9th May, Waddesdon Manor on Thursday 15th June and Beaulieu on Monday 10th July. If you would like to join us on any of these trips please contact Kate Lambeth on 01256 28791.

The next meeting is on 5th April when the speaker will be Mel Rees on “My Family and Other Setbacks”. The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Brookvale Village Hall from 10 am to 12 noon and all retired Civil Servants and their partners are welcome. This year’s programme and further details about meetings can be obtained from the Secretary Tony Brazier on 01256 418770 or at bjmapbr@ntlworld.com.

David Cowling

Probus hear about “The Oregon Trail"

Roger Shaw, a member of Henley Probus, gave a talk to the Probus Club of Basingstoke, about the history of the Oregon Trail. He had lived in America for seven years and together with his wife had driven the entire 3,000 miles route in 2013 and 2015.

Immigrants were encouraged to resettle as the east coast had been swamped by the influx of people from Europe. Between 1840 and 1860 half a million pioneers, including Mormons and many Irish, made the six months journey from Missouri traversing the Great Plains, then across the Rockies to the west coast. They favoured a particular route across the mountains where a trail had been worn over many years by millions of buffalo.

Most people will have seen at the cinema or on TV stories about the Wild West and wagon trains that formed circles at night for protection against attacks by American Indians. The reality was somewhat different. Initially the native population was helpful to the immigrants but relations soured as time went by. The real problems started in 1847 when half the nomadic Cayuse tribe and all their children were wiped out by a measles epidemic introduced by the Europeans.

The logistics of wagon trains are incredible with one consisting of 1,600 wagons, 10,000 oxen, 30,000 cattle and 60,000 sheep and was 300 miles long. All but children walked the distance, many barefoot, with the wagons carrying food and water. Death en route was common, including drowning crossing rivers, ten percent died from cholera with records showing that on one trip 57 died on one day alone.

The Oregon Trail came to an end when railways provided an easier way to complete the journey.

See www.probusbasingstoke.webs.com or phone Paul Flint on 07770 886521 for more information about this social club for retired professionals and business managers.

Sonnet to Springtime.

by Hazel Vanbergen.

The dog and I went walking one day in early spring
Thinking "It's so pleasant, to live in Old Basing"
But then along up Newnham Lane - a most unsightly mess
Poo bags, tins and plastic cups, four DVD's no less,
A book or two, some lager cans - It made me so unhappy
And almost worst of all - there was a yucky, dirty nappy!

So sadly on to Piggy Dam along the Loddon Valley
I went; but  what I  found down there,  well I didn't want to dally
Though little birds sang merrily midst catkins all a-quiver
With celandines in glorious hue beside the brimming river.
It seems that previous passers-by just really couldn't care
That Nature tries so hard each year, her springtime joys to share.

Why can't folks take their rubbish home,?  It doesn't take much time.
Please don't despoil our country lanes.   It's such a thoughtless crime.

 The Pink Place

 April at the Basingstoke Discovery Centre

Young Embroiders Club
Saturday 1 April / 10am – 12noon / Ages 5-16 / £5 per session
Learn new skills and meet new friends

Children’s Crafts
Saturday 1 & 29 April / from 10am / Ages 3+ / FREE 

Board in the Library
Saturday 1 April / 11am  - 4pm / FREE
Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!

Drop-In Surgery with Local Councillor
Saturday 1 April / 2pm – 3pm
Meet your Hampshire County Councillor for Basingstoke Central, Criss Connnor to discuss local issues.

Disability Signpost Service
Tuesday 4 April / 10am - 12noon
Drop-in for information on topics including transport, benefits, housing and more.

 Basingstoke Disability Connections
Tuesday 4 April / 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Informal get-together for people affected by disability.

Board in the Library
Wednesday 5 & 19 April / 2pm – 6pm / FREE
Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!

 Alton Fringe Theatre presents
TS Eliot: ‘ The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ and ‘The Waste land’
Thursday 6 April / 7.30pm – 9pm / £7.50

This is a rare opportunity to hear two of the 20th century’s most famous poems read aloud for an audience by kind permission of the Eliot Estate and his publishers, Faber and Faber. ‘The Love Song’ published in 1915 points the way to the more controversial poem, ‘The Waste Land’ (1922.)  The latter  reflects Eliot’s experience of a fragmented, urban world in the aftermath of the First World War. ‘The Love Song’ will be performed as a monologue and then five actors will give voice to the many characters, ideas and sounds of the ‘The Waste Land.’ The readings will be followed by an informal discussion.

Refreshments available all evening.

Hearing Impaired Reading Group
Friday 7 April / 2pm – 4pm / FREE
An opportunity to meet people in a similar situation round a shared interest

Discover Board Games
Saturday 8 & 22 April / 10am – 1pm / Ages 3+ / FREE

Mondays 10 April / 4pm – 5pm / Ages 8-11 / FREE
Are you a Bookaholic?
Do you enjoy sharing ideas, making new friends and exploring new subjects?
Join Chatterbooks a book group aimed for 8-11 year olds.
Books, activities, quizzes and lots more.
Sign up at the Information Desk in the library.

 Down on the Farm
Tuesday 11 April  / from 10am / Ages 3+ / FREE
A whole day of FREE activities for all ages: colouring / craft / LEt’sGO Construction and more.
See posters in the Discovery Centre for more details

Wonderful Wordsmiths
Wednesday 12 & 26 April / 4pm – 5pm / Ages 8 – 13 / FREE
Gain confidence in your writing and meet like-minded people in this friendly group

Painting for Fun
Thursday 13 & 27 April / 2.30pm – 4.30pm / FREE
Informal group of painters who share tips and conversation in Coffee shop area

Crime Fiction Reading Group
Saturday 15 April / 2pm / FREE
Meet others who share your enjoyment of this genre

A World of Books
Tuesday 18 April / from 10am / Ages 3+ / FREE
A whole day of FREE activities for all ages: colouring / craft / LEt’sGO Construction and more.
See posters in the Discovery Centre for more details

Funky Fairytales
Tuesday 18 April / 2pm & 2.45pm / £1 / Ages 4-8
Drama, Dance & Singing Workshop
Bring your favourite fairytale characters to life and help the Funky Fairy rescue the Fairytale Story Book from the Red Queen! Each workshop is lead by an experienced actor/drama teacher. All children should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Creative Writing
Monday 19 April / 2pm – 4pm / £1
New members are welcome at this supportive group for writers of all genres and ability
Note: This is the usual Wednesday Group

Poetry Group 
Wednesday 19 April / 10.30am – 12.00 noon / £1
Read and share poetry with other like-minded people

Be Your Own Fashion Designer
Thursday 20 April / 10am / Ages 4-16 / £3
Upcycle boring clothing into something with a wow factor! Under expert guidance use the trims, scraps and embellishments provided to add zing to your clothes. For older participants, sewing machines will be available to make simple alterations. So bring along that dull item of clothing  and let your creativity flow! 

Family Chess Coaching
Saturday 22 April / 10am – 1pm (drop-in) / Free
David Graham and members of the Basingstoke Junior Chess Club will be visiting to offer hints, tips and guidance for complete beginners as well as to those with some knowledge and experience.

Cracking an Egghead
Saturday 22 April / 1pm /£3.50
Find out what it takes to be an Egghead with Kevin Ashman
Find out what it takes to be an Egghead with brainbox Kevin Ashman. Kevin has been on the BBC Show Eggheads since 2003 and is often considered one of the greatest quizzers in the world. In 1995 he won Mastermind, scoring 41 points with no passes in his heat, which remains a record to this day. He has recently returned triumphant from the first Quiz Olympiad in Athens beating quizzers from 25 other countries.

 Visually Impaired Reading Group
Monday 24 April / 10am – 12 noon / FREE
An opportunity to meet people in a similar situation round a shared interest

 Memory Box Project
Friday 28 April / 10.30am – 12.30pm
The memory box project is an exciting reminiscence project open to all. Drop in and share some stories around the interesting objects on display.

Saturdays 29 April / 11am – 4pm / FREE
Experience a new level of social gaming with your Nintendo and other gaming consoles.

Home Library Service
Do you, or someone you know, love reading but can no longer get to the library due to ill health, disability or caring responsibilities?  We may be able to help by arranging for a volunteer to deliver books or audio books to your home.  This service is free.  Interested or want more information?  Contact  Lois Lang or Andrea Wilson at Basingstoke Discovery Centre
Phone 01256 478670 or email clnocom@hants.gov.uk

Imaging the Story

This ten week course based on a new book, Imaging the Story, begins on April 20th at St Mary’s Church and all are welcome. Come and explore your creative interests (poetry, painting, writing, or any other creative pursuit) in time specifically set aside. It draws broadly on themes in the story of God with all its rich imagery and adventure and no previous artistic experience is necessary! Cost (for materials) is £15. For further information and to sign up please contact Gill Sakakini on 07969158488. 

 Can you help a local charity fulfil a promise?

07 March 2017 – Victoria's Promise (VP), the north Hampshire based charity that helps support young women with cancer, is seeking more people to join their growing team of volunteers. Victoria’s Promise was set up in memory of Victoria van der Westhuizen (nee Eastman) who died of cancer aged just 29, one year after getting married and 12 months after the death of her father to cancer.

Victoria suffered and in doing so experienced the huge void in care for young women with cancer such as long waiting lists for counselling, no connection with peers, lack of advice on non-toxic daily products, how to deal with fatigue, hair-loss and loss of identity. Victoria made a commitment that she would overcome her illness and go on to support and inspire other young women facing the illness. She never got that chance, passing away just two months after her diagnosis, but her family, through the charity, are now able to fulfil her promise.

VP supports local young women with cancer who are undergoing the rigours of cancer treatment, giving them every opportunity to focus on their treatment, to retain a positive outlook and thereby gain the best outcome and a healthy ongoing life. VP services are complimentary covering a wide range of help and assistance for example specialist oncology therapies, skin care, high quality wigs, house cleaning and childcare. It also builds a community where young women with cancer can come together at regular meet-ups and events that help provide additional support services, cancer education, in-depth counselling, nutritional advice and more. VP is now fully established in the Oncology Unit at Basingstoke and North Hants Hospital, where their Personal Care Lead is at hand for any young women right from the moment of their diagnosis.

With these popular and proven support services, VP is growing at a rapid rate and over the next 12 months the charity’s goal is to ensure no young women in the local area face cancer alone and without its critical support services. To do this they need to raise vital funds to extend their services into new surrounding hospitals. VP are, therefore, urgently looking for more volunteers to help them.

Fiona Eastman, Co-Founder and Trustee of VP said, “The help of volunteers is vital to us in raising essential funds. Volunteers get involved in a wide range of activities including distributing donation boxes into local pubs, shops and cafes, helping to set up and run quiz nights in local pubs and working with us on fund raising campaigns such as our annual Victoria Sponge Bake month and other initiatives.

“Giving your time will make an enormous difference to the support we can give. No time is too little – if you can help us please get in touch.

“We are looking for people in the following towns and villages: Newbury, Kingsclere, Oakley, Overton, Whitchurch, Dummer, the Candovers, Herriard, Cliddesden, Long Sutton, South Warnborough, Hook, Stratfield Saye, Chineham and Sherfield-on-Loddon but if you are interested and live in another village we would still love to hear from you.”

Interested? Please contact the charity on T: 07702 967576 or email: fiona@victorias-promise.org

For more information about Victoria’s Promise visit: www.victoriaspromise.com

Loddon Quilters

There is a  One Day  Show is being held on Thursday May 18th at  Sherfield –on-Loddon Village Hall RG27 0EZ  between 10:30am-4:30pm. 

Quilts and more exhibited, raffle, refreshments and tombola .

Entry by donation for our charities, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and the R.N.L.I .


Saturday 29th April 2017
Starting 9.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

We’re looking for participants and supporters for this event in the Spring, the Saturday before the May Day Bank Holiday which hopefully will bring us all some sunshine!

Our branch consists entirely of volunteers, like all other branches of the Cats Protection across the country we do a wide range of things in order to protect and help cats.  Our most obvious and most frequent task is taking in unwanted cats or kittens from owners who can no longer care for them, and any funds we raise will go directly towards these expenses.

We will be walking the Basing Trail, which is an attractive circular walk and we will make our start from The Bolton Arms pub. We will go past Oliver’s Battery, then through the Mill Field Nature Reserve, Basing House and its civil war site, through Eastrop Park to Basingstoke, through the War Memorial Park, past Black Dam ponds, through Crabtree Plantation then back across to the picturesque village of Old Basing, back to the start point.

This walk is estimated at 7 miles, but there are two points where short cuts can be made, which would allow walkers to choose smaller circuits if they didn’t want to do the whole thing.  It is a mixture of walking on footpaths, roads and grassland.

There is car parking at the Bolton Arms, and dogs and children are allowed in. There are at least two public toilets on the route. There is only a small stretch where dogs are not allowed, (on Old Basing Recreation ground) this can be walked around easily for anyone wishing to take dogs.  There are a couple of places where ducks can be fed, if anyone with children wishes to stop for this sort of recreation, and I spotted a picnic table in the Crabtree plantation.

This walk will take around 3 hours at a leisurely place, and would therefore bring walkers back to the Bolton Arms pub for a convenient well earned rest at lunchtime.  Even allowing for a couple of distractions en-route most people should be back for some form of refreshment, unless you’d rather bring your own picnic.  If it’s a hot day, bottles of water maybe a good idea anyway for during the walk.  If you wish to reserve a table for lunch please ring The Bolton Arms on 01256 819555 to arrange.

I can provide sponsorship forms immediately, maps and full instructions will be provided nearer the time. If you don’t want to be sponsored, but join us for the walk, we would request an entry fee of £10. Please also see our team page on http://www.justgiving.com/BasCats2017

Please let me know if you’d like to come along, and whether you can also pop up a poster somewhere.

Please respond to me: Anne Taylor (Treasurer), either by e-mail or telephone:-

anne.lh.taylor@gmail.com Home telephone (evenings & weekends) 01256 331344

Mobile: 07763 342360 (leave a message on the answerphone if you wish)

For more information on our branch please go to: www.basingstoke.cats.org.uk