Extras – June 2017

June events at the Basingstoke Discovery Centre

Underpants Day!
Friday 2 June / from 10am / FREE / Ages 3+
Stories, craft, construction, colouring and so much more! No need to book – just drop in and join in the fun!

Discover Board Games
Saturday 3 June / 10am – 1pm / FREE / Ages 3+

Board in the Library
Saturday 3 June / 11am – 4pm / FREE
Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!

Basingstoke Disability Connections
Tuesday 6 June / 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Informal get-together for people affected by disability.

Disability Signpost Service
Tuesday 6 June / 10am – 12noon
Drop-in for information on topics including transport, benefits, housing and more.

Wonderful Wordsmiths
Wednesday 7 June / 4pm – 5pm / FREE
A fun creative writing club for 8-13 olds

Painting for Fun
Thursday 8 June / 2.30pm – 4.30pm / FREE
Informal group of painters who share tips and conversation in Coffee shop area

Memory Box Project
Friday 9 June / 10.30am – 12.30pm
The memory box project is an exciting reminiscence project open to all. Drop in and share some stories around the interesting objects on display.

Young Embroiders Club
Saturday 10 June / 10am – 12noon / £5 / Ages 5-16
Learn new skills and meet new friends

Saturday 10 June / 10.30am – 11.30am / FREE / Ages 8-11
Are you a Bookaholic?
Do you enjoy sharing ideas, making new friends and exploring new subjects?
Join Chatterbooks a book group with books, activities, quizzes and lots more.
Sign up at the Information Desk in the library.

Board in the Library
Wednesday 14 June / 2pm – 6pm / FREE
Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!

Girl Power – Women at War from the Amazons to the 21st Century
Thursday 15 June / 2pm / £4
In this talk, Rupert Matthews looks at the ways women have been involved in warfare from ancient times to the present day. Starting with the mythical Amazons, and the truth that lies behind the legend, Rupert looks at some of the great women warriors of history such as Boadicea, Zenobia of Palmyra, Artemisia of Caria, Mavia the Arab, Lagertha the Viking, Tomoe Gozen the Samurai, Joan of Arc, Mary Ralphson, Joanna Salter and Mary Dixon before looking at the mass participation of women in 20th century warfare through the WRNS, WAAFs and ATS of World War II. 

Discover Board Games
Saturday 17 June / 10am – 1pm / FREE / Ages 3+

Crime Fiction Reading Group
Saturday 17 June / 2pm / FREE
Meet others who share your enjoyment of this genre

Family History Drop-in
Tuesday 20 June / 10am – 12noon
A chance to gain tips and advice about family research

Poetry Group 
Wednesday 21 June / 10.30am – 12.00 noon / £1
Read and share poetry with other like-minded people

Getting On: Conversations on Living Well and Growing Old
Wednesday 21 June / 11am / FREE
What do you need to live a positive old age?
Join author, Jo Foster, for a mix of uplifting stories, anecdotes and facts about old age collected from Oral History interviews with staff, clients and volunteers of Age Concern, Hampshire.
Book your free place at the Information Desk

Getting On: Touring photographic exhibition
Featuring stunning portraits accompanied by extracts from conversations, this exhibition will be at Basingstoke Discovery Centre for 2 weeks from 19 June

Wonderful Wordsmiths
Wednesday 21 June / 4pm – 5pm / FREE
A fun creative writing club for 8-13 olds

Board in the Library
Wednesday 21 June / From 6.30pm / FREE
All welcome. Other Board Games are available to play.

Creative Writing
Wednesday 21 June / 2pm – 4pm / £1
New members are welcome at this supportive group for writers of all genres and ability

An Evening of Food & Drink at Basingstoke Discovery Centre
Wednesday 21 June: 6pm – 8.45pm

An Evening of Food & Drink
Wine Tasting
Wednesday 21 June / 7.30pm / £12 / Over 18’s only
With Chloe from Majestic Wines
Which is the best wine to serve with your Sunday Roast? Join Chloe from Majestic Wines as she leads you through tasting a selection of wines and foods, explaining how best to match them.

An Evening of Food & Drink
Carving Magic
Wednesday 21 June / 7.15pm / £6.50
Fabulous vegetable Creations
Carving Magic specializes in providing carved fruit & vegetable centrepieces for all celebratory events. The Carving Magic team will begin this light-hearted, interactive session with a brief demonstration, showing the basics of carving before giving you the opportunity to have a try at carving for yourselves….

An Evening of Food & Drink
Evening reading Group
Wednesday 21 June / 7pm / FREE
If you would like to join a reading group – but are unable to meet with one of our afternoon groups, join us this evening for a chat about your favourite reading material
Ask at the information desk for details and to book your place.

An Evening of Food & Drink
3-D Colouring
Wednesday 21 June / From 6.30pm / FREE
Keep calm and let your creativity flow.
Bring your own colouring to life using the 3D Quiver App. All materials and support provided.

An Evening of Food & Drink
Growing Organic Vegetables
Wednesday 21 June / 7.30pm / £3.50
Just how do you grow vegetables organically with success? Gain some insight, tips and advice from Mike Fisher who runs a small family farm and does just that all year round. With over 20 years experience he will be able to describe how he has managed to work to achieve a natural balance that sustains both abundant crops and wildlife.

An Evening of Food & Drink
From Buffalo to Shelf: the Laverstoke Park Farm Story
Wednesday 21 June / 6.30pm / £3.50
Clare Scheckter will describe the journey of Laverstoke Park Farm from buying the first animal right up to producing a product ready for the supermarket shelf with all its trials and tribulations, mistakes and problems to overcome along the way!

An Evening of Food & Drink
Evening Creative Writing Group
Wednesday 21 June / 7pm / FREE
If you would like to join a creative writing group – but are unable to meet with one of our afternoon groups, join us this evening for a chat and advice about writing techniques from others.  Ask at the information desk for details and to book your place.

An Evening of Food & Drink
Board in the Library
Wednesday 21 June / from 6.30pm / FREE
All welcome. A variety of Board Games are available to play.

Painting for Fun
Thursday 22 Jun/ 2.30pm – 4.30pm / FREE
Informal group of painters who share tips and conversation in Coffee shop area

Film Group for Stroke Survivors
Friday 23 June / 2pm – 4pm / FREE
Our film group for stroke survivors meets each month to review films in a warm and friendly environment. If you’re interested in joining or would like further info please contact: basingstoke.discovery.centre@hants.gov.uk

Memory Box Project
Friday 23 June / 10.30am – 12.30pm
The memory box project is an exciting reminiscence project open to all. Drop in and share some stories around the interesting objects on display.

Experience a new level of social gaming with your Nintendo and other gaming consoles.
Saturdays 24 June / 11am – 4pm / FREE

Children’s Crafts
Saturday 24 June / from 10am / FREE / Ages 3+

Visually Impaired Reading Group
Monday 26 June / 10am – 12 noon / FREE
An opportunity to meet people in a similar situation round a shared interest

Board in the Library
Wednesday 28 June / 2pm – 6pm / FREE
Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!


Website www.basingstokelions.org.uk

This year is our 50th ANNIVERSARY IN BASINGSTOKE. So we thought we’d have a special birthday party. Our President asked local businesses if they would be kind enough to donate raffle prizes. They were very forthcoming and our thanks to all who donated are recorded on our website. Over 100 guests, including the Mayor, came to help us celebrate. As a result the raffle raised over £2500 which is a very significant boost to our Charity Trust Fund. Many thanks to all, and to the charity Helping Hands for the Blind which provided the disco free of charge. To top the month off, our Club was given an award for innovative community service at a recent Lions Convention.

EASTER EGGS: I reported earlier that we placed big chocolate ones in pubs to be raffled. They raised a phenomenal £3212.72 from which 18 charities have already benefited. Many thanks to all the pubs and their customers who contributed so generously.

SWIMATHON: The proceeds are now helping 7 families to send their children to the Special Olympics in Sheffield.

The Lions Den
is now out and about. So look out for it from now onwards at all school fetes and festivals.
8/07/2017 Sees a welcome return of the Heritage Light Orchestra and supporting singers to perform for us at QMC.  It is very definitely one of our most entertaining and interesting evenings. The theme this time is music and lyrics relating to the sea and sea travel. There will be signature tunes from a number of radio and television pieces,  songs from Shows, Films, and Gilbert & Sullivan that are set by, on, or even under the sea! You can buy tickets direct from our website if you don’t know any of us personally.

WELFARE:  In addition to the £1300 already donated via the Easter Eggs, we spent £193 to resolve 2 domestic emergencies and £1310  to help 5 other charities.

PEACE POSTER COMPETITION: We are still looking for young artists who are between the ages of 11 & 13 to design a poster depicting “The Future Of Peace”, they will have until November to submit their finished design. For information and the poster kit please contact John Lincoln 01256 325280 email jomolincoln@btinternet.com . Come on Basingstoke, show us what you’re made of! (Yes, I know, you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition!!!).

Parish Council – Annual Parish Award

The Annual Parish Meeting on 9 May was well attended and this year the Annual Parish Award went to Sue Ingleby for her work with the Village Hall and Carnival Committees and involvement in many other groups and events since the 1980’s.

Sue was presented with an engraved sweet bowl by Parish Council Chairman, Mark Oszczyk.

Probus visit the Museum of Army Flying

“Prince Harry trained to be an Apache helicopter pilot here.”  John Essery, a Brighton Hill resident who was on Warden Duty, told us the day of our visit to the Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop. He had the unusual service record of flying helicopters in the Army Air Corps as a Major and when his service came to an end he joined the RAF as a Squadron Leader to continue his helicopter journey.

A chilly day greeted our group of twenty consisting of members of the Probus Club of Basingstoke and several wives to the museum on the edge of this airfield.  RAF Middle Wallop opened in 1940 as a Fighter Command Station during the Battle of Britain, then used by the USAAF and returned to the RAF after the war. In 1957 when British Army Aviation became independent of the RAF, Middle Wallop was transferred to the new Army Air Corps. It became the school of Army Aviation, to which it remains to the present day.

The museum tells the story of British Army flying from the early days of military ballooning spanning nearly 150 years of military flight to the modern Army Air Corps. The collection was started in 1946 at RAF Andover but later moved to Middle Wallop and first opened to the public in 1974. Today it houses over 32 types of aircraft, both early fixed wing and rotary, with an array of support machines and memorabilia and charts the history of military flight both at home and the many theatres of operations abroad.

Probus member retired RAF Squadron Leader Chris Perkins MVO was on hand to talk about the exhibits. Aircraft range from a First World War biplane to a Huey Cobra attack helicopter equipped with eight missiles and a Lynx helicopter that could reach 200 mph. There was the famous WW1 Sopwith Pup, with later Auster and Chipmunk fixed wing airplanes and examples of every glider from the D Day Landings including one that could carry a light tank.

On display were early rotary experiments including the Rotabuggy which was a converted Jeep with helicopter additions and an aircraft tail to aid manoeuvrability.  With displays of the Victoria Cross holders, various uniforms, the evolution of the flying helmet and several field guns and support vehicles the museum even has a 1940s house with most domestic items bringing back memories to visitors.

After lunch in the Apache café we then had the privilege of a private showing of a film about the changing role of helicopter operations in today’s troublesome world.

More information about the Probus Club of Basingstoke, the social club for retired professional and business managers, can be viewed on their web site www.probusbasingstoke.webs.com or phone their secretary, Paul Flint, on 07770 886521 for an informal chat.

News from RCS


St. Michael’s Hospice appoints new Chair of the Board of Trustees: Andrew Finney

St. Michael’s Hospice in Basingstoke is delighted to announce that well-respected local businessman Andrew Finney has been appointed as Chair of the Board of the Hospice, replacing retiring Chair Anthony Holden, as of May 4th 2017.

Andrew, who was already on the Hospice Board, is Non-Executive Chairman of independent relocation and property-related service company HCR Ltd, Chair of the Board for Anvil Arts, President of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, and has a background in financial services. In 2014 Andrew was awarded the prestigious honour of the Basingstoke Ambassador Award, validating his longstanding commitment to the area.

David Monkman, CEO of St. Michael’s Hospice, is delighted to have welcomed such a high profile name as the new Chair of the Board, “Andrew’s extensive knowledge and experience of the local and wider business world demonstrates the commitment made by St. Michael’s Hospice Trustees to drive forward Hospice care locally and nationally. His proven track record of successful businesses will provide substantive leadership over the coming years and his involvement with other charities and trusts in conjunction with his own skillset will provide robust guidance as we anticipate and respond to the changing needs of care.”

 “As we face increasing competition for funding from other charities, it is vital we operate a diverse portfolio of income generators. Andrew and I will work hard to continue to deliver success to St. Michael’s Hospice, working closely with all stakeholders to build on the successful legacy of his predecessor.”

Commenting on his appointment, Andrew said, “I am delighted and honoured to have been given the opportunity to lead St. Michael’s Hospice. I have long admired the work of the Hospice and the commitment of everyone involved to ensuring the highest standard of care is delivered to those who need it both through St. Michael’s Hospice and St. Michael’s Home Care.”

Anthony Holden, who has held the role of Chair of the Board since 2011, said “It has been a privilege to lead the Board for 6 years and I am delighted that Andrew has agreed to take on the role of Chair of the Board of Trustees. Andrew is an energetic and dynamic leader who will propel St. Michael’s Hospice forward into a new era of palliative care.”

Under Anthony’s guidance the Hospice has gone from strength to strength with more patients and families receiving the specialist care and support offered by the highly skilled team of clinicians and volunteers at St. Michael’s. Anthony successfully guided St. Michael’s through the recession of 2008 despite the challenging economic environment. The Hospice enhanced its position as a leading provider of end of life care and the driving force of change for the development of services to the communities of North Hampshire that rely on the Hospice often in the most challenging of circumstances. Anthony was instrumental in the launch of the Hospice’s domiciliary care agency, St. Michael’s Home Care, in 2015. The business will generate income for the charity whilst also helping to improve the standard of home care locally. This new service is available to the entire community and not limited to patients under the Hospice’s care.

St. Michael’s Hospice was established in 1991 by a committee led by former Mayor Margaret Weston and this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Now caring for over 500 patients a year, the spirit, ambition and drive presented by the founding committee continue in our staff to this day and remain at the heart of all our work.

St. Michael’s Hospice receives less than 20% funding from the North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group. In 2016, this meant the Hospice needed to make up a shortfall of £3.1m through Income Generation activities including retail stores, community fundraising, local business support, legacies, and its highly attended local events.

North Hampshire Prostate Cancer Support Group

In Partnership with Prostate Cancer UK

Statistically one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime; around 47,000 men are diagnosed each year and some 10,000 die with the condition. As with all cancers, the earlier it is diagnosed the better the chance of surviving.

The North Hampshire Prostate Cancer Support Group was created in association with the Basingstoke Hospital to provide support and understanding for men diagnosed with the disease and their partners. The group holds informal monthly meetings and offers its members the opportunity to speak with other patients and their wives and partners and to benefit from their experiences. Although members of the group cannot give medical advice, it is supported by Senior Urological Clinical Nurse as an essential part of the meetings. The Group regularly engage professional speakers to provide insights into Prostate Cancer, its treatments and other associated topics .Membership of the Group is free of any charge and feedback from members is that they find coming to the meetings is both a worthwhile and reassuring experience.

The meetings are held between 2.00pm and 4.00pm on the last Thursday of each month at the Weybrook Park Golf Club. Refreshments are served free of charge.

The group has also organised a weekly exercise session for men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the Basingstoke Sports Centre between 11.45am and 12.45pm on Mondays and is supervised by a Hospital trained specialist.This has proved to be both successful and useful to assist in general fitness within a strong camaraderie atmosphere.




Saturday 3 June is National Croquet Day when lots of people up and down the country will be having a go at playing croquet.

Here in Basingstoke you can come along to the croquet lawn at Down Grange and try your hand at a much misunderstood game.

Far from being the preserve of toffs, croquet is a game of skill – rather like snooker on a very big lawn.    Basingstoke Croquet Club and the U3A Croquet Section invite you to come and try it out.

Just come along at any time between 10.00am and 4.30pm.  You don’t need any kit, just flat shoes (like trainers) to wear on the lawn.  Men, women and children big enough to hold the mallet (about 1m long) are equally welcome.

The croquet lawn is alongside the Walled Garden at Down Grange, just up the hill from the Toby Carvery:  postcode RG22 4ET.

For more details see the Club website at www.basingstokecroquet.co.uk

Alternatively, come along any Saturday morning between 10.00 and 12.00.




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