Extras – May 2017


At the meeting held on 5th April the Chairman, David Cowling, welcomed 52 members and said how pleasing it was to see many people who had been absent for a few months. The Secretary, Tony Brazier, gave details of the forthcoming trips to Exbury Gardens on Tuesday 9th May and Waddesdon Manor on Thursday 15th June after which the Welfare Officer, Christine Broadbent gave her up-to-date report.

This month’s speaker was Mel Rees who gave a very humorous, amusing and light-hearted look at life including snobbery, the over-stated and self-delusions of those who control our everyday lives and children who won’t leave home. He gave an account of being born in 1947 and living in Battersea, South London, until he was 21 years of age. Despite being a train spotter he eventually met a girl who he married and they moved to Ash Vale, Surrey, where he continues to live. He is the father of three children but having managed to get rid of two is still looking for any suggestions for disposal of the third which would be greatly appreciated. After writing his first semi-autobiographical book in 1989 (written under the pseudonym Anthony Mann) he was unable to find a publisher so took the bull by the horns and decided to create “Trouser Press” which has so far published 6 of his books – “Brought to Book – My Family and Other Setbacks!”, “Brought to Book Too – That’s Life!”, “And Another Thing I Meant to Say…..!”; “You’ll Never Believe It But…..!” ,”A Funny Thing Happened On The Way…..!” and his most recent one “Last Mann Standing”.        

The next meeting is on 3rd May when the speaker will be Jackie Bond on the “Alexander Technique”. The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Brookvale Village Hall from 10 am to 12 noon and all retired Civil Servants and their partners are welcome.  The year’s programme and further details about meetings can be obtained from the Secretary Tony Brazier on 01256 418770 or at bjmapbr@ntlworld.com and if you would like to join us on any of our trips please contact Kate Lambeth on 01256 328791.

Planning application submitted for much-needed homes at Manydown

An important step towards creating much-needed homes at Manydown has been taken with the submission of an outline planning application.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Hampshire County Council, acting as landowners, have applied for planning permission on land they jointly acquired to help to meet the borough’s future housing needs.

Setting out the main principles for developing a thriving new community, the application is for 3,200 new homes of different types and sizes – for sale, for rent and affordable homes to rent and to buy.

Businesses, shops and community facilities, two new primary schools and land for a new secondary school are included in the application, as well as parks, children’s play facilities, sports pitches and allotments. A 250 acre country park would be created as part of the development.

A central street running through the new community is proposed together with parking, footpaths, cycle links and other infrastructure, including power, water and other utilities, such as communications technology.

The application is the result of 18 months of hard work by the councils and a specialist team, working closely with local communities to shape proposals for this development on the northern part of Manydown, including through a community design event and two consultations. To help residents understand the planning proposals a series of fact sheets on different elements of the application are available at www.manydownbasingstoke.co.uk 

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Property and Development Cllr John Izett said: “This planning application marks a notable milestone on our journey to building one of the best designed and thought out new housing developments in the UK. It is so much better for having drawn so many of its ideas from local residents through the many stages of consultation. I am grateful to everyone for the part they’ve played so far. The next important stage will be selection this summer of a private sector development partner. We remain on track to build the first new homes at Manydown in 2019.”

The Leader of Hampshire County Council Cllr Roy Perry said: “As joint landowner, we are committed to develop Manydown as a thriving community, while showing respect for the environment, and reflecting the great character of Hampshire as a place to live, work and prosper. As a strategic authority for the county we also have the experience and expertise to ensure long-term planning for Manydown fits in seamlessly to developments across the county as a whole.”

The borough council has responsibility for making planning decisions, consulting with the parts of the county council responsible for making decisions on highways and education, and will now assess the application in the same way as one from any other developer. This will include formally consulting neighbouring residents and other organisations with an interest in the proposals.

The planning application documents are available to view on the borough council planning pages at www.basingstoke.gov.uk/manydownplanning

If outline planning permission is granted, other planning applications would be submitted later on the detailed design proposals, such as the exact locations of the streets, community facilities and houses and their sizes and styles. Residents would have further opportunities to comment on these as they are drawn up and as part of the planning process.

For further information on this press please contact: Sara Shepherd, Communications and Media Manager, on 01256 845493 or email sara.shepherd@basingstoke.gov.uk.


We come bang up-to-date at our meeting on Wednesday 10 May when we are privileged to greet Patrick Griffin, Insurance and Information Manager with Crossrail, who will present Crossrail – Moving London Forward – Reading and Heathrow to Shenfield and Abbey Wood. Patrick, who has worked for Crossrail since 2007, will describe the concept of this major west-to-east crossing of London, examine the progress so far and the work that remains. The largest infrastructure project in Europe, now 80% complete, has entailed the construction of 26 miles of new tunnels under London, ten new stations and the upgrading of many existing stations and services are due to begin in 2018.

At the meeting on Wednesday 24 May we will illustrate our cultured side when Professor Mark Casson will examine Railways and Art. Mark will explain some of the techniques used by a number of well-known railway artists including perspective, reflections and combining road, rail and tram transport in the same picture.

Our meetings are held at 7.45pm at The Wote Street Club in New Road in Basingstoke town centre. Non-members are welcome to attend at a cost of just £2.50. More information about Society membership and our varied programme of meetings for 2017 can be found on our website at www.bdrs70d.com or telephone 01256 331002.


Website www.basingstokelions.org.uk

Last month I mentioned the possible revival of  our moribund annual Charity Cycle Ride. As the Basingstoke Voluntary Association (BVA) was holding a meeting at which charities get a chance to seek assistance from businesses, a couple of us went along to see if anyone would take up our rejuvenation challenge. Sadly no one did. So it’s back to our addled imaginations.

Our Swimathon raised around £3700 which was fantastic.  More of that next month.

Lenny, the Basingstoke Lion, has been out and about with other members of the Club helping collect for the Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal. Lenny has also made appearances at all sorts of fete’s, festivals and foodbanks to the delight of kids of all ages.    He seems to vary in size from 5ft 4 to 6ft 3, but I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the foodbanks!


The weather is warming up so it’s time to dust off the Lions Den (our putting game) in preparation for the dozen or so events for which it has already been booked. Look out for it from the beginning of May onwards.

8/07/2017 Sees a welcome return of the Heritage Light Orchestra to play for us at QMC. Very definitely one of our most entertaining and interesting evenings.


We spent £150 to resolve 2 domestic emergencies and £650 to help 3 small charities with projects.

PEACE POSTER COMPETITION: The Lions club are looking for young artists who are between the ages of 11 & 13 to design a poster depicting “The Future Of Peace”, they will have until November to submit their finished design. For information and the poster kit please contact John Lincoln 01256 325280 email jomolincoln@btinternet.com . It is about time we had a Basingstoke winner.

Bluebird Care makes history in Hart, Basingstoke & Deane with new care assistant salaries

When business partners Phil Miles and John Prendergast joined the care industry almost 10 years ago, one of the improvements they wanted to make was to raise not only the profile of the care sector across Hart, Basingstoke & Deane but also improve the rates of pay for care staff.

“It has always been a relatively low-paid sector and as a result of that has seen high staff turnover,” said Phil Miles, Managing Director. “We have always been one of the highest payers and when we decided to review recently what further actions we could take to provide even more for staff, we decided to introduce new salaries for care assistants.”

Phil and John became franchisees with the care provider Bluebird Care nine years ago after becoming increasingly concerned about the poor level of home and domiciliary care for the elderly, those living with dementia, and adults with learning difficulties in Hart, Basingstoke & Deane.

“We were unimpressed with the standard of care available at the time so we decided to set up with Bluebird Care because of their care-sector expertise and their emphasis on quality,”added Phil.

“Low pay is one of things we wanted to change when we came into the sector in 2008 and the effect of introducing salaries for care assistants has been really positive,” said John Prendergast, Managing Director. “Our employees see we are making beneficial changes and the better paid they are for their professionalism and dedication to their role, the more people are attracted to the sector and that is also good for our customers.”

With the first salaried contracts being introduced in April, Bluebird Care Hook will be the first private homecare provider to introduce such a change in Hart, Basingstoke & Deane. They also believe the move will help retain staff in a sector where there is often a high turnover.

Bluebird Care Hook require a 50-strong team who all care for people in their own homes to help them maintain their independence.

“Our front-line staff are our most important asset and we recruit people we would be happy to look after our own families and friends – people who go way beyond the call of duty and go the extra mile on a daily basis,” added John.

High turnover is not good for the business or our customers who like consistency and continuity so we have tried to maintain that over the years. It is difficult as people do come and go but we like to treat people with the respect they deserve which we find is repaid by staff who then stay with us  longer. We want our staff to stay for years, not months, and we are proud to have employees who have worked for us over 9 of the 10 years we have been operating, which in the home-care sector is a real rarity.”

Bluebird Care is a national provider of care in the home, specialising in working with customers who live with dementia, physical disabilities and many other acute and chronic conditions. Bluebird Care work alongside their customers’ families, social services and the NHS to ensure each person receives the care they need.

Bluebird Care offers a unique service of tailored care visits which range from anything from 30 minutes to full live-in support. As well as personal care they also help with meal preparation, welfare checks, shopping, social trips, visits to the hospital and provide extra support for post-discharge customers.

For more details about new salaries for care assistants and to find out about job opportunities contact Kim at Bluebird Care by calling 07792 784354, emailing kimteagle@bluebirdcare.co.uk, or by visiting their website at www.bluebirdcare.co.uk/hook

Care provider gets glowing report for high standards

A leading home care provider has been recognised for the high standards and quality of services they provide across Hart, Basingstoke & Deane

Bluebird Care received an inspection from the Care Quality Commission recently reporting on all aspects of the service.

An extract of the report says:

“People consistently told us they received highly personalised care from staff who understood their care and support needs.

The provider’s values were focused on putting people at the heart of the service and providing high quality care that met their individual needs and wishes.

People’s needs were met by staff in a caring and compassionate way. People described staff as ‘wonderful’, ‘friendly’ and ‘kind.’ Comments from people included: ‘They show real care and are attentively helpful’; ‘They are very pleasant and full of fun’; ‘Everything is done with complete charm’; and ‘They are absolutely wonderful; I look forward to them coming’. A family member said of the staff, ‘There’s a very impressive culture; very caring. It does not matter who you get; they are all caring and kind’.

People spoke positively about the relationships they had built with care staff, which they valued and appreciated. Comments included, ‘They’re like daughters to me. They know me well and we have long conversations’.”

Providing care in the community throughout the whole of Hart, Basingstoke & Deane, Bluebird Care’s personal, tailor-made approach has proved to be a big hit with customers. The business is owned and operated by Phil Miles and John Prendergast – who are both passionate about providing high quality care for local people.

Inspectors from the regulator visited the area recently to find out what services Bluebird Care was offering, and the impact these were having on people’s lives.

As well as the high quality provision of personal care, the report also highlights the positive work that has been done to include customers in the day-to-day decisions about the care they receive.

The report went onto quote customers who praised the service they receive:

“People consistently told us the service was well managed and praised the quality of care they received from Bluebird Care (Hook), saying it was ‘absolutely wonderful’ and ‘extremely good’. They said they would recommend the service to others. One person said, ‘It’s an excellent service all the time.’ Another person told us, ‘I cannot fault the service the care workers provide.’ A further person said of the service, ‘Oh honestly, it’s just perfect.’ Comments from family members included: ‘Bluebird strive for excellence; the office staff genuinely care and the care workers genuinely care. That is the feeling my relative and I get’.”

Inspectors then went on to add:

“People consistently told us that staff consulted them about how they wanted their care to be provided and gave them choices. One person said, ‘I tell the care workers to do what they want with me and my care, but they always say ‘no’. They always tell me they must discuss and involve me in the decisions and care.’ The care planning process started with an assessment of the person’s needs and developed over time as people’s needs changed. Records confirmed that people were also involved in reviews of their care and in discussing any changes they wished to make to the way their care and support was delivered.”

The Care Quality Commission’s positive report allows the organisation to stand out from other providers of care across Hart, Basingstoke & Deane.

Managing Directors Phil Miles and John Prendergast were delighted with the report. They said:

“We offer a professional service, and we judge ourselves daily by the standard of care we are actually delivering.

We’re delighted with this positive news from the CQC. We always felt confident we were providing a high quality standard of care, but it is encouraging to have that recognition from our national regulator.

To have received such a glowing report is credit to the hard work of our care workers who always go that extra mile to ensure the people we look after have everything they need.”

Bluebird Care provides professional care staff who visit older and disabled people in their own homes. Care visits can last for as half an hour or an hour at a time up to full time live in care.

For more details about Bluebird Care and the services provided call 01256 762324, email hook@bluebirdcare.co.uk, or by visit their website at www.bluebirdcare.co.uk/hook

Older people set to benefit from new Community Grant

 Following on the success of their first two community grants awards last year, a local care at home provider will be giving away a new Community Grant – a sum of money that could benefit one local group in the Basingstoke area working with older people.

The two previous beneficiaries of a £250 grant were Holistic Action for Health Associates (HAHA) to help provide complementary therapies to older member of the community suffering from multiple long terms conditions, and Viables Community Association to purchase games and equipment for their Memory Club.

Bluebird Care Hook is making available another £250 to a community group or initiative that works with older people within Basingstoke and Deane Borough or the Hart District. The group that can best demonstrate a need for additional support will be allocated the funds. They are especially interested in groups working in the field of dementia and mental health for older people.

Phil Miles, Director, said,

“We were very pleased to have supported groups like HAHA and the Viables Community Association in their important work with older members of the community. We know there are lots of smaller charities and community groups like them, who work tirelessly for the benefit of the community. We are committed to supporting these groups and hope our new grant will enable one organization to continue to provide its services across Basingstoke and Deane Boroughs”.

Bluebird Care Hook offers a realistic alternative to residential care by allowing people to stay in their own homes with care and support. Their work can involve one or more short visits a day to help with the everyday tasks of life. However, their service doesn’t stop there because longer duration visits are also available, including overnight help and live-in care.

Phil goes on to say:

“The Bluebird Care Community Grant will also come with support and advice. We want to work with a local project that gives older people an opportunity to try something new and that will add benefit to their lives.

Examples of the type of projects we are looking for could include gardening, leisure, recreational, help with day trips or musical activities.”

The next round for grant applications will be launched on Friday April 7th and will remain open until Friday 19th May. For more details or to request an application form, please email communitygranthook@bluebirdcare.co.uk or telephone Michael Auton on 07862 253514. Copies of the application form can also be picked up from the Bluebird Care office in Acorn House, London Rd, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9DY

For details about Bluebird Care Hook visit www.bluebirdcare.co.uk/hook. For queries about the community grant call Michael on 07862 253514 or email communitygranthook@bluebirdcare.co.uk

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Wew have two Articles from the trus this month:

New Volunteers Needed to Get Stuck in to Help Wildlife
Stars in the Grass

Linguatastic Language Academy

Much of last month was take up with the Easter holidays, but we still managed to fit in a couple of distinct activities:

  1. Decorating a window at Tesco, Chineham.  Did you see the large hen sitting in a nest with eggs decorated in the colours of the French flag, the German flag, the Italian flag, the Chinese flag and the Spanish flag?  These were decorated by the children who learn the languages spoken in those countries.  And then there were some thought bubbles coming from the hen who was trying to remember how to say “Happy Easter” in the different languages.  Could you recognise any of them?
  2. Participating in Basingstoke’s Language Day organised by Basingstoke Multicultural Forum.  The Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane, Cllr. Jane Frankum was present and watched the children from various supplementary school “perform” snippets of what they have been learning in class.   Children who have worked particularly hard this year were recognised for their efforts.  Linguatastic nominated its Thursday French after-school club as the children in this group (aged between 5 and 10) all try very hard in class and are all doing extremely well, demonstrating authentic accents and a good understanding of language structures which Year 11s are required to use in their GCSEs.  We are very proud of their efforts and believe that the talent they show will take them far in their language studies and life in general.

And on that note, we’d like to wish our pupils sitting GCSE and AS and A-level exams, the very best of luck this month as language exams are one of the first in the exam timetable!

Loddon Quilters

A one Day Show is being held on Thursday May 18th at Sherfield –on-Loddon Village Hall RG27 0EZ between 10:30am-4:30pm. Quilts and more exhibited, raffle, refreshments and tombola . Entry by donation for our charities, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and the R.N.L.I .

May events at the Basingstoke Discovery Centre

To book a place on a ticketed event you can order online from https://www.hants.gov.uk/shop/home.php ,or visit Basingstoke Discovery Centre in Festival Place, or call 01256 478670. Advance booking is strongly recommended.

To find out more about Basingstoke Discovery Centre and Hampshire Libraries visit www.hants.gov.uk/bsdc

Basingstoke Disability Connections
Tuesday 2 May / 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Informal get-together for people affected by disability.

Disability Signpost Service
Tuesday 2 May / 10am – 12noon

Drop-in for information on topics including transport, benefits, housing and more.

Board in the Library
Wednesday 3 May / 2pm – 6pm / FREE

Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!

Hearing Impaired Reading Group
Friday 5 May / 2pm – 4pm / FREE

An opportunity to meet people in a similar situation round a shared interest

Learn to Solve Cryptic Crosswords
Saturday 6 May / 10am – 1pm / £15

Ever wondered how cryptics work? Want to improve your memory? Join Ben Summers from Crossword Tutors to unlock your creative talent and begin to solve those tricky crossword clues.

(Please bring a crossword with cryptic clues with you)

Board in the Library
Saturday 6 May / 11am – 4pm / FREE

Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!

Discover Board Games
Saturday 6 May / 10am – 1pm / FREE / Ages 3+

Wonderful Wordsmiths
Wednesday 10 May / 4pm – 5pm / FREE

A fun creative writing club for 8-13 olds

Painting for Fun
Thursday 11 May / 2.30pm – 4.30pm / FREE

Informal group of painters who share tips and conversation in Coffee shop area

Memory Box Project
Friday 12 May / 10.30am – 12.30pm

The memory box project is an exciting reminiscence project open to all. Drop in and share some stories around the interesting objects on display.

Russia and Europe: What Next?
Saturday 13 May / 2pm / £5

A travel talk with John Pilkington

Passions are running high in Ukraine and the breakaway states of the Caucasus.
John Pilkington, award winning adventurer for BBC Radio 4, spent five months here and, although none the wiser about what Mr Putin is planning, he did get a surprising insight into the Russian and Ukrainian people and their sadness about past and present conflicts. Accompanied, as ever, by stunning photographs.

Young Embroiders Club
Saturday 13 May / 10am – 12noon / £5 / Ages 5-16

Learn new skills and meet new friends

Saturday 13 May/ 10.30am – 11.30am / FREE / Ages 8-11

Are you a Bookaholic?
Do you enjoy sharing ideas, making new friends and exploring new subjects?
Join Chatterbooks a book group with books, activities, quizzes and lots more.

Sign up at the Information Desk in the library.

Dementia Awareness Week
Mon 15th May – Sun 21st May 2017

A range of organisations will be visiting and offering advice, support and free drop-in sessions for those who are affected by dementia or who just wish to find out more. Visit Basingstoke Discovery Centre to find out about the full programme of events.

Family History Drop-in
Tuesday 16 May / 10am – 12noon

A chance to gain tips and advice about family research

Board in the Library
Wednesday 17 May / 2pm – 6pm / FREE

Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!

Poetry Group
Wednesday 17 May / 10.30am – 12noon / £1

Read and share poetry with other like-minded people / £1

Creative Writing
Wednesday 17 May / 2pm – 4pm / £1

New members are welcome at this supportive group for writers of all genres and ability
Positive Living Evening at Basingstoke Discovery Centre

Wednesday 17 May: 6pm – 8.45pm
Positive Living Evening

Line Dancing
Wednesday 17 May / 6.30pm – 7.30pm / £4

With Booted Out Line Dancing Club
Line dancing keeps the body and mind active….and no partner is needed!! Booted Out Line Dancing Club are offering this one-hour taster session for all ages. Wear comfortable shoes, low heeled boots or shoes with leather or slippery soles (but not trainers) and give it a try! www.bootedout.webs.com

Positive Living Evening
The Digestive System and Cellular Health
Wednesday 17 May / 7.30pm / £4

With Jane Wilkinson: The Body Mentor

Our digestive system is TOP PRIORITY with the Brain and Heart. We all know and realise how important our brain and heart are, but does anyone ever put the Digestive System next to those? The digestive system is undoubtedly one of the most used and abused body systems. Without a healthy inside how can we expect to perform daily tasks efficiently, be free from pain and injury free. Discover the journey our food takes, learn how to influence its digestion for a healthier gut and take a mineral taste test to determine the effect your food may or may not be having on your body.

*If you are keen to take a magnesium mineral test please avoid food and drink for at least 1 hour prior to the presentation.

Positive Living Evening
Evening reading Group
Wednesday 17 May / 7pm / FREE

If you would like to join a reading group – but are unable to meet with one of our afternoon groups, join us this evening for a chat about your favourite reading material

Ask at the information desk for details and to book your place.

Positive Living Evening
3-D Colouring
Wednesday 17 May / From 6.30pm / FREE

Keep calm and let your creativity flow.
Bring your own colouring to life using the 3D Quiver App. All materials and support provided.

Positive Living Evening
Meditation: an introduction
Wednesday 17 May / 7.30pm / £4

With Kadampa Meditation Centre Southampton

What is meditation and how can it benefit body and mind? Join teachers from the Kadampa mediation centre and learn how keeping the mind peaceful can lead to a feeling of calm and contentment in your daily lives.

Positive Living Evening
Public Access Defibrillators Demonstrations
Wednesday 17 May / 7pm / £2.50

Sudden cardiac arrest remains the UK’s single biggest killer, Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) are lifesaving machines and very easy to use. Steve Cartwright from the South Central Ambulance Service leads this demonstration and teaching session on the use of an Automated External Defibrillator.

Positive Living Evening
Dementia Awareness
Wednesday 17 May / 7.30pm / £2.50

An interactive session looking at how dementia affects everyday life and how friends and family can be of support.

Positive Living Evening
Evening Creative Writing Group
Wednesday 17 May / 7pm / FREE

If you would like to join a creative writing group – but are unable to meet with one of our afternoon groups, join us this evening for a chat and advice about writing techniques from others. Ask at the information desk for details and to book your place.

Positive Living Evening
Board in the Library
Wednesday 17 May / from 6.30pm / FREE

All welcome. A variety of Board Games are available to play.

Discover Board Games
Saturday 20 May / 10am – 1pm / FREE / Ages 3+

Family Chess Coaching
Saturday 20 May / 10am – 1pm (drop-in) / Free

David Graham and members of the Basingstoke Junior Chess Club will be visiting to offer hints, tips and guidance for complete beginners as well as to those with some knowledge and experience

Crime Fiction Reading Group
Saturday 20 May / 2pm / FREE

Meet others who share your enjoyment of this genre

Saturday 20 May / 11am – 4pm / FREE

Experience a new level of social gaming with your Nintendo and other gaming consoles.

Get to Know Your iPad
Monday 22 May / 10am – 4pm / £30

An introduction to iPads for new owners or those thinking of buying one. Also suitable for those who already own an iPad but would like to get more out of it. There are a limited number of iPads available to borrow: please make your request at time of booking.

Visually Impaired Reading Group
Monday 22 May / 10am – 12 noon / FREE

An opportunity to meet people in a similar situation round a shared interest

Charcoal Workshop
Wednesday 24 May / 9am – 12noon / £15

During this workshop learn about the possibilities of charcoal and how to use value, shade, create textures and composition. No previous knowledge required. All levels welcome! Pay £2 to the tutor on the day for materials or bring your own.

Acrylics Workshop
Wednesday 24 May / 1pm – 5pm / £20

During this workshop learn the technique and process of painting with acrylics. Explore different processes of developing a painting from start to finish (sketch, composition, colour mixing, etc.) No previous knowledge required. All levels welcome! Pay £5 to the tutor on the day for materials or bring your own.

Wonderful Wordsmiths
Wednesday 24 May / 4pm – 5pm / FREE

A fun creative writing club for 8-13 olds

Painting for Fun
Thursday 25 May / 2.30pm – 4.30pm / FREE

Informal group of painters who share tips and conversation in Coffee shop area

Film Group for Stroke Survivors
Friday 26 May / 2pm – 4pm / FREE

Our film group for stroke survivors meets each month to review films in a warm and friendly environment. If you’re interested in joining or would like further info please contact: basingstoke.discovery.centre@hants.gov.uk

Memory Box Project
Friday 26 May / 10.30am – 12.30pm

The memory box project is an exciting reminiscence project open to all. Drop in and share some stories around the interesting objects on display.

Learning to Look
Saturday 27 May & Saturday 3 June / 10am – 4pm / £55 / Ages 16+

Rediscovering the hidden treasures of Basingstoke

This workshop is perfect for those that want to learn how to look again, to appreciate the colours, the contrasts that can be found in unexpected places that have been left out by monotony.
During this 2-day course, you will be taken on a guided tour around Basingstoke with Phil Howe from Hidden Britain Tours who will point out the hidden treasures and little known gems of the town. Also guiding you will be professional artists, Fatima Pantoja & Rachel Davis, who will help you develop your ideas and inspiration into a final piece of art, which will form part of the Project Exhibition.
Please bring camera (phones), sketchbook/notebook, pens / pencils to capture initial ideas and your own materials to use for your personal project (no oils please).

This course is recommendable for people with basic artistic experience.

Children’s Crafts
Saturday 27 May/ from 10am / FREE / Ages 3+

Board in the Library
Wednesday 31 May / 2pm – 6pm / FREE

Bring out your competitive streak with games like Splendour and Carcassonne. Or working cooperatively – try a game of Pandemic to help save humanity!

Probus Hear About Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

Jackie Chappell is living proof that women can break through the glass ceiling in business. She told the Probus Club of Basingstoke, the social club for retired professional and business managers, about her rise in what was a traditionally male working environment.

Starting from being a part time on train ticket inspector she worked her way up the executive ladder to become the Chief Executive Officer of the Rail Industry Training Council, making her the first woman CEO in the British Rail industry.  It was not easy rising to the top in an industry steeped in male images from Stevenson’s Rocket through to the Fat Controller in Thomas the Tank Engine stories and burly men driving monstrous smoke belching steam engines. In the 80s there were still times when some passengers refused to get on a train that had a woman driver.

At her first board meeting as CEO, as she was the only woman in the room, she was mistaken for the tea lady. It’s fair to say it didn’t really end well for the board member who wanted his with one sugar. Dealing with union leaders like Jimmy Knapp and government minister John Prescott MP, with delicate back and forth negotiations, was part and parcel of the job in which she achieved tremendous industry and government recognition during the seven years she was in charge.

The Paddington rail crash caused Jackie to review her life and a now she runs her own company in Reading called the Ironing Lady with a sister business the Cleaning Ladies, with twenty staff. She was the Sue Ryder Business Woman of the Year 2013 and in 2016 was winner of Barclays Bank south England heat of the Female Entrepreneur Icon Category.

See www.probusbasingstoke.webs.com for more information about the Probus Club.

RCS Scrapbox

The RCS Scrap Box is returning to Basingstoke! Delve into a world of weird and wonderful resources; from tiles to tubes and foam to fabric, at the Scrap Box nothing goes to waste.

We are thrilled to announce the re-opening of our Basingstoke Scrap Box service, launching on Tuesday 18th April at Oakridge Hall for All (RG21 5RG). The Scrap Box will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 09:30 – 16:30 (last entry 16:15).

For more information please see the attached information booklet or visit our website. It is quick and simple to become a member; you can apply online or on your first visit to the Scrap Box.

St Michael’s Hospice House-to-House collection

Your Hospice Needs YOU. Volunteers needed for St. Michael’s Hospice (North Hampshire) House to House Collection in June.

St. Michael’s Hospice is looking for volunteers to help out with their annual House to House collection. If you have a couple of hours to spare in June to deliver and pick up envelopes and would like to be involved then please contact Lynne Grimshaw, Community Campaigns Coordinator on 01256 848845 or email Lynne.grimshaw@stmichaelshospice.org.uk

St. Michael’s Hospice (North Hampshire) Big Wheel 25

Sunday 23rd July 2017, Down Grange Sports Complex, Basingstoke, RG22 5SN

St. Michael’s Hospice (North Hampshire) has opened registration for the 25th Big Wheel event taking place on Sunday 23rd July 2017 at 9.00hrs. Riders will spend a glorious summer’s day riding through the beautiful countryside of North Hampshire to raise funds for North Hampshire’s only adult Hospice.

Last year over 1,000 cyclists enjoyed a variety of routes and we are anticipating a record turnout this year. The very popular Advanced Level 65 miles is back for a second year and, to celebrate the Hospice’s 25th Anniversary, there will be an Intermediate 25 mile route. And with a Challenger 39, a Beginner 15 and the Family 5 mile routes there is something for everyone.

Those not ready to take on 5 miles yet, will be able to enjoy the Little Wheel event which takes place on the grass at Down Grange Sports Complex where all entrants will start and finish and everyone can enjoy a cold drink and hot food. All finishers, from age 2 to 72, will get a lovely medal to commemorate their efforts.

Big Wheel is a true family event and a great way to spend time together outdoors raising money for St. Michael’s Hospice, who provide specialist care and support to patients suffering from life limiting illnesses.

Prices start from £8 and full details are available on our website. To save time, avoid long queues and get the discounted entry price, we advise you to register beforehand. However, you can also register on the day and these prices will be between £2 and £5 more.  

Chris Griffiths, Marketing and Events Manager; ‘Big Wheel is our biggest Hospice led fundraising event for 2017 and attracts both families and experienced riders. We are lucky to have an incredible venue at Down Grange and stunning countryside for the riders to cycle through. This year we hope to see as many people as possible taking part and have our best year yet. We rely on the support of the local community to make this event the success it is.’

We have been lucky enough to get some wonderful local companies to sponsor the event this year. A big thank you to unum, Clarke & Son Solicitiors, Greenhouse Graphics, HCT Creative and JackFM.

At St. Michael’s Hospice we care for local people with life-limiting illnesses through our In-Patient Unit, Community Palliative Care teams, and growing range of Out-Patient services. All our services are tailored to each patient’s needs to enable them to attain the best quality of life possible.

As a charity our care is provided to our patients and families free of charge. In 2017/18 it will cost £3.9 million to provide our patient services to the local community with less than 20% funding from the North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group. We therefore need to generate £3.1 million from Fundraising, Gifts in Wills, Lottery and Retail activities to support patients and their families affected by life limiting illnesses.

To sign up and for more information please visit cyclebigwheel.co.uk

For further information, please contact:

Chris Griffiths, Marketing and Events Manager, 01256 848847 (office) – (Mon to Fri, 8:30am to 5pm)

Sunflower Appeal & Fete

Sunday 4th June

St. Michael’s Hospice invites to you their annual Sunflower Fete on Sunday 4th June held within the Hospice grounds.

Starting from midday, the traditional fete is a great day out for all the family with free entry. The fete will feature a wide selection of stalls with gorgeous plants and handmade craft items. To keep the kids entertained there will be plenty of games and prizes to be won. If you’re feeling peckish, why not tuck into something delicious from one of the many refreshment stalls.

The Hospice has also launched their Sunflower Appeal, giving people the chance to remember a loved one by dedicating a sunflower in their memory. Before the Sunflower Fete begins, a special blessing will be held at 11.30 on Sunday 4th June in the Hospice grounds, when you are invited to view the dedicated sunflower memory markers. Sunflowers will be displayed in the Hospice gardens throughout June for people to visit and take time to reflect.

You can make your sunflower dedication in memory of a loved one at stmichaelshospice.org.uk/meadow.html

For more information on the Sunflower Appeal and Fete please visit the website stmichaelshospice.org.uk, email events@stmichaelshospice.org.uk or call the Fundraising Hotline on 01256 848848.

The Sunflower Cafe


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