Sitting with Jane

You may have noticed around the town that there are a number of colourfull benches in the shape of an open book.  This is part of an art project called “Sitting with Jane”.

Sitting with Jane is a public art trail made up of 24 ‘BookBenches’ in and around Basingstoke, each uniquely designed and painted by a professional artist with their personal interpretation of a Jane Austen theme. The trail will link together locations – all with free public access. It will be in place between June and September 2017, and will be accompanied by a free to download app and a trail guide.

After, the benches will all be auctioned in aid of our charity partner, Ark Cancer Centre Charity, to leave a valuable lasting legacy in the region.

Sitting With Jane is part of the Hampshire Cultural Trust’s celebration of Jane Austen’s life in Hampshire. Find out about other activities and events in the area.

I have taken a photo of some that I came across today.  I think you will agree that they are pretty spectacular.

More details are available from the Sitting with Jane website.

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