St. Michael’s Hospice & Home Care Winter Update

2017 has been another very busy year for St. Michael’s Hospice. We’ve been privileged to help thousands of local residents though our different services and the community has been wonderful supporting the Hospice by raising nearly £3m, enabling us to keep our vital services free. During the year, the Hospice has also been celebrating its 25th Anniversary the focal point of which was an event in Winchester Cathedral attended by well over 700 people.

As I am sure you know St. Michael’s Hospice cares for patients on their in-patient unit and at home through the Community Palliative Care team. Over 550 people have been cared for this way but the hospice helps many more through its other services. Our social day service and therapeutic day service had over 1,300 visits and our clinical therapy team has had over 1,700 contacts with patients; using their specialist knowledge of physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help those in the hospice and in the community. We are able to reach out to patients and their families through our complementary therapy team, who provided nearly 3,000 treatments to patients and their families, and our bereavement service cared for and supported nearly 200 people last year.

The incredible team of volunteers that underpin almost every area of the Hospice deliver the most passionate and dedicated support to staff and patients. Without these volunteers the Hospice would face substantial additional staffing costs and we continue to be incredibly thankful to them all.    

We have also grown to support staff and people in care homes through our award winning Six Steps Programme which has now accredited 17 local homes. In this way we can improve standards of care into the wider community and through our Befriending Service, run in conjunction with Odiham Cottage Hospital, support those who have needs which are not palliative.

All of this work is underpinned by the amazing community we serve who supported our eight Hospice-led events last year, including the 5 & 10K Run, Big Wheel, and Moonlight Walk, in record numbers, and who also every year raise thousands of pounds holding their own events.

Founded two years ago to provide a high quality option in the domiciliary care field and a new income stream for the Hospice, St. Michael’s Home Care supports a broad range of client needs. This growing business is now providing over 600 hours of care a week and continuing to grow steadily while meeting our commitment to quality care delivered by the very best staff.

We look forward to another busy 2018 with many exciting activities and moments to build lasting memories around. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. From all the staff and volunteers at St. Michael’s Hospice and St. Michael’s Home Care we wish you a very merry Christmas.

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