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I wonder if, like me, you are getting a little fed up with the works that are going on in the parish to connect us up to Virgin Media’s cable network.  They have been with us since before Christmas, and don’t look like finishing anytime soon.

The Parish council say:

We have followed up on various complaints about the work being carried out by Virgin Media and, at the request of County Councillor Elaine Still, senior officers from Hampshire County Council along with senior representatives from Virgin Media and the contractors visited various sites. The outcome was that they accepted there is inconvenience and inevitable mess due to the particularly bad weather conditions, but that the contractors were following correct procedures and HCC officers were very satisfied with the standards and management of the work. They will, however, continue to monitor the situation.

But a local resident has sent me a copy of an email sent to the contractor with a long list of complaints.  He concludes with:

Sorry, maybe some of the above seem petty, but I think that the general standard of workmanship, safety consciousness and attitude of your team is amongst the worst I have seen! I know that I would never get away with that on our customer’s sites. The barriers are almost invisible at night, as there are no street lamps and no lanterns on them. (Please take a look at the attached video. This was Fairthorne rise at 6.00pm last night. It is almost impossible to see the heap of debris left blocking one half of the road). The grass verges are all destroyed. There is not a single saw cut that is in a straight line, and the tarmac seems to have been flattened using Mrs Brown’s rolling pin. None of it is level, and It is all coming back out!

There is some further updates in the Extras for April.

What are your views?


  1. Keith

    I went to one of their meetings at the Parish meeting place last Nov and they said that they would finish works in Old Basing and Lychpit in March 2017. Over to Virgin Media to explain as it is now July and no sign of finishing.

  2. Vicky

    What an awful mess Virgin has left our village in!!! The grass verges have been reduced to ridges of mud ( our end of linden avenue has been completely missed out on any top soil), our paths in places are convexed making it difficult to even walk along and now resembles a patchwork quilt of Tarmac. I’m saddened to see the state of our once lovely village

  3. Bob Ward

    Safety? Which part of safety allows for the forced diversion of parents with push chairs and very young children onto Belle Vue Road during the school run where these “hard working individuals” have blocked both pavements totally?

    Which part of acceptable working practices allow for the blocking of residents drives without any care?

    I would suggest that the animosity displayed by “resident complainers” is due more to the couldn’t care less attitude of the workforce who just shrug shoulders and walk away than any other reason.

    Having a working knowledge of construction practices, I accept that there will be damage to verges (which will grow out within a few months) and to the tarmac, albeit this is far from the tidiest I have seen and it looks like the workmanship is deteriorating but why on earth can they not finish one section at a time.

    Come on our councillors, come out of your offices and homes and talk to the residents of Old Basing, not the select few who will accept the work as it is but the many such as the mums and neighbours, none of whom have a good word for the current state of affairs and actually look and see whats happening!

  4. Andy

    I concur completely with Kevin. My grass verge on Park Lane, along with both my neighbours’, looks like it has been excavated with dynamite. The haphazardly replaced sods of turf (but mainly earth) are testament to the shoddy attitude and possibly impossibly tight deadlines the contractors have.

    I might add that I’ve been unfailingly polite to them and patiently accommodated their paraphernalia the whole duration of the work. I now feel highly aggrieved that they are not going to finish off the work to a satisfactory standard.

    Shocking, shoddy and appalling.
    I shall be complaining to Virgin immediately.

    PS: I don’t even WANT Virgin. Never asked for it.

    1. Janet Cloke

      I fully agree with all that has been said. The works have left the village roads, grass verges and banks in an appalling state. I cannot imagine anyone who would have work to their own property by this company. Who could trust them, Virgin or so called contractors have treated irreparably damage to our area, they should be ashamed.

  5. Margot Hamlyn

    Living in a small cul de sac in the village for a number of years, you get to know your neighbors pretty well and can forecast with reasonable accuracy which ones will be at the head of the complaints queue at any event, the opportunity to voice their views and share their superior knowledge with anyone who’ll listen too irresistible to ignore, as has been the case with the arrival of the Virgin Media work crews.

    What I have observed during the past week or so is a group of extremely hard working individuals doing a job they have been employed to do with politeness, humour, cooperation, and considerable forbearance in the face of rudeness and animosity aimed at them by the above mentioned resident complainers. I personally believe they deserve a medal!!

    1. Jan

      The works are horrendous. Take a look. Looks like the work is done by cowboys. Paths closed off, grass banks and verges ruined. Why would any resident have this company do work within their property. Must be mad.


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