Welcome to the genealogy section of the Basinga Extra website.  This part of the site is now edited  by Jan Barlow of  The Great British Ancestry Company, a family history research company which is partly based in Old Basing.

Interest in family history has increased significantly in recent years.  This has no doubt been helped by the popularity of programmes such as the BBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “Heir Hunters”, and the greater accessibility of historical records such as censuses which are now available online.  Our company researches the family trees for many clients who feel they either don’t have the time or the research skills to research their family history themselves, but we also work with clients who have done a lot of work themselves, but who need additional help breaking down some of the “brick walls” they encounter. We are aware that people’s interests can range from it being an extremely absorbing and time-consuming hobby researching their detailed family histories, to having a general history in local and social history and the part local people and communities have played in that.

Over the coming months, our aim will be to support people researching their own family trees by giving useful tips and ideas, signposting to resources which can help people with their research, and also overseeing a genealogy forum on the website where people can support each other with advice and by sharing their experiences.  We will also be posting articles on the site which we hope will be of interest to genealogy enthusiasts, as well as to local people more generally.

To find out more about us, please visit The Great British Ancestry Company’s website at  Our full contact details are available on the website.


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Tip of the Month

Lots of subscription websites charge over £20 for copies of birth, marriage and death certificates.  Did you know that you can order them direct from the General Register Office (GRO) for only £9.25 each?  Visit for details.

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Useful Resources

There are now many websites which offer family historians access to a huge number of records online, including births, marriages and death, and census records, usually on a subscription or pay-per-view basis.  Here are some which you might find helpful:

    this website claims to have the world’s largest online library of family history information.  Records include births, marriages and deaths records, censuses, as well as parish records, war, immigration and probate records.  It is a subscription site, and a standard 12 month subscription currently costs £107.40, but it also offers a free 14-day trial, which is a useful way of investigating what the site has to offer before committing to a full subscription.  Many of the records are images of the original documents, so for example the census records are images of the actual census books.  The 1911 Census has an individual page per household, and it is quite an experience to see the return actually signed by one of your ancestors!
    this is another subscription website, which has a similar range of records to Ancestry; it claims to have the most complete England, Wales & Scotland census collection.  The standard subscription currently costs £109.95, and there is also a pay per view option.  Like Ancestry, the site also offers a free 14-day trial subscription.
    this site is run by the Church of Latter Day Saints (the Mormon Church) and offers free access to records including censuses, births, marriages and deaths.  However, unlike Ancestry and Findmypast, it does not provide images of original documents.
    this site enables you to connect with other people who are researching individuals or branches of the same family tree as you.  People using the site can share their family trees, so you can search on individuals within your own tree to bring up a list of other people researching the same individuals.  I linked up with a distant maternal cousin through this site, which was very exciting!  It is also a subscription website, offering annual and pay per view options.
    this is the first central database of statutory burial and cremation registers for the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  You can search the index for free but you need to purchase credits to view the actual records.
    this site claims to be Ireland’s largest family records database.  You can search the index for free but you need to purchase credits to view the actual records.
    this site includes records not just from World War I and World War II, but also from wars such as the Crimean and the Boer.  It is a subscription site, and offers subscriptions ranging from 1 month (currently £8.95) to a year (currently £85.95).
    this is the website for the National Archives.

The Society of Genealogists is also an extremely useful resource.  Based in London, the Society has an enormous amount of material, ranging from original parish registers on microfiche and microfilm, transcriptions of registers, trade directories, and a wealth of material about geographical areas and professions.  You can access the material by taking out an annual membership or by purchasing a day visitor pass.  The Society’s catalogue is available to view online at

If you are particularly interested in Hampshire family history, the following will be useful:

Here are some links suggested by our readers.

  • Mary is researching her family tree for a school project, and as well as using this page she also found the following link useful too
    This would seem to be the last place you would expect to find genealogy information!

If you know of any other useful resources please let us know. email 

Help and Support

If you have any genealogy-related questions, would like to share your research tips, ideas and experiences, or would like help in tracing ancestors, you can visit the genealogy forum on the site by clicking here.

Family Trees and Surname Studies

If you would like to share your trees or surname studies with us, please send them to us at, and we will upload them so that other people can view them.  Please be mindful not to share any personal details about individuals still living (such as date and place of birth) to maintain their privacy and protect them from the risk of identity theft, credit card fraud etc.

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