March 2019 - The 2019 schedule is now available. As mentioned on the home page, the 2019 schedule has now been published. Paper copies are available from the usual outlets and will be delivered to those who entered the 2018 show. A downloadable version and entry form is available on the schedule page.

The advice on "Exhibiting in the Domestic Section" has also been updated - see Advice page for details.

January 2019 The Show Committee met and agreed the changes that will be made in the 2019 schedule. The schedule itself will be available in early spring in printed form, and as a download on the schedule page

Here are few highlights of the changes that will be in the 2019 schedule.

  • The domestic section includes a class for cold vegeterian soup (to be named).
  • The subject for this year's mounted photograph is "yellow". The subjects for the Basinga Photography Prize classes are "mist and/or drizzle" and "local skyline".
  • The theme for the childrens under 9s painting, and 9 to 15 photo classes is "A tree".
  • The hotly contended Men and Boys Domestic class is "A cake including a vegetable as an ingredient (to be named)".
  • After an abense of a few years, the floral arrangement section includes "An exhibit incorporating water"
  • The drinks section includes two liqueur classes "Bottle of cream based liqueur" and "Bottle of spirit based liqueur"
  • And for rose growers, the number of blooms required for 'Peace' (Madame A Meilland) is reduced to one

December 2018 The Show sponsors a tree at the St. Mary's Christmas Tree Festival.

The committee thanks those members and the "willing volunteer" who came up with the ideas and decorated the tree. Images of the show Christmas Tree can be found in the "Trees" section of the gallery page.