Contract Enquiry

Contracted adverts run for 12 issues from January to December and are available in 5 different sizes, ranging from 1/8 to a full page. 

The advertiser may change or refresh their advert any number of times during the contract period. For those advertisers who provide their own artwork, there will not normally be a charge.

An additional benefit of being a Contract Advertiser is that your advert will appear in  "Our Contract Ads" and the Searchable Index on Basinga Extra web-site at no extra charge.

Annual Updates

All existing advertisers will be contacted by the Advertising Manager in October to arrange their advertising requirements for the following year.  Advertising space is allocated on a first come first served basis. Applications should be received on the official form by the 14th November, applications from our current advertisers are given priority.  Some advertisers choose not to renew for the next year, and in this case the Advertising Manager will contact the first person on the waiting list to offer them the space that has become available.  Potential advertisers are encouraged to request to be placed on this waiting list well in advance of the 14th of November.

Artwork and Logos

Advertisers submitting their own artwork should read the File Specification for the formats that we can accept.  For advertisers who are unable to supply finished artwork to the appropriate size and quality, the Basinga offers a design service.  See File Specification for more details about what we can do and the charges that may apply.

For Logos not in the public domain, the advertiser must own the copyright or be authorised to use any or all elements of the source material. The Basinga Management Committee or its representatives cannot be held responsible for any dispute that may arise over copyright.


Note: All entries marked (*) are mandatory. Only details specified in your advert will appear in the magazine, personal details will be retained for administration only.

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    While we try to keep this information up to date, the Advertising Manager will advise of any changes. 

    Twelve months contract (Jan – Dec). Renewable around October each year.

    Ad. Page Space Approx. size in mm. (HxW) Cost
    FULL (Back Page) 210x148 £1750.00
    FULL (Inside Front Page) 210X148 £1750.00
    FULL 192x132 £1500.00
    HALF 96x132 £800.00
    QUARTER 96x66 or 48x132 £400.00
    EIGHTH 48x66 £200.00



    • The costs shown are for customer providing artwork meeting the file specification detailed here on the Basinga Web Site.
    • The Contract is for twelve months (Jan to Dec). Renewable around October each year, you will be contacted and will be given preference on renewal.
    • Placement of Adverts in any particular position cannot be guaranteed.
    • If the Basinga is able to assist in designing an advert the cost advised by the Advertising Manager is additional to that shown for the advertising space.
    • All remittance must be received before adverts will appear in the Basinga.
    • Your advert will appear in the January edition of the magazine unless you do not meet the deadline for submission of suitable artwork by the 14th November. No refund will be given for missing the deadline.
    • All advertisements in the magazine are placed in good faith and the Basinga Management Committee accepts no responsibility for any statement, omissions of errors made by the advertiser or printer, nor do they endorse any product or service advertised.
    • The Basinga Management Committee reserves the right to refuse advertisements which it deems unfit for publication and to withdraw those where full remittance has not been received.
    • For logos, fonts and images of persons, not in the public domain, the advertiser must own the copyright or be authorised to use any or all of the elements of the source material, The Basinga Management Committee or its representatives cannot be held responsible for any dispute that may arise over copyright.
    • The Advert will automatically also appear here on the Basinga Web Site at no additional cost to which you can submit an optional write up on your Company to appear with it and a link to your web site.
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