Basingstoke and District Railway Society – December 2023

Basingstoke & District Railway Society

Upcoming Events

On Wednesday 6th December our Society Vice-Chairman, Ian Francis, will illustrate with his excellent photographs More of Ian’s Travels. Ian will show us what he saw of the UK railway scene in 2019 and 2020 and will include his trip to New South Wales in Australia.

Society members and guests will enjoy our annual Christmas buffet on Wednesday 20th December, bookended by a selection of films from BBC Railway Roundabout, originally broadcast in 1958 and 1959. An great variety of absorbing archive footage is assured. Do join us on the night by becoming a Society member.

Our meetings are at 7.45pm at The Wote Street Club in New Road in Basingstoke town centre, RG21 7NG, which has a licenced bar and usually conclude by 10.00pm. Do join us for these meeting, either by becoming a Society member or as a visitor (at a cost of just £5). Membership details are on our website at or call the Secretary on 07837 320790.

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