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Rotary helping Turkey & Syria


Saturday 18th February saw Rotarians in Basingstoke and friends of Rotary in Festival Place collecting to help Turkey and Syria after the devastating earthquake. Thanks to Festival Place Management team who gave us a wonderful site and the generosity of the people of Basingstoke we were able to collect over £3,400 to go to Shelterbox and Rotary Disaster Recovery,


Rotary’s global partner for Disaster Relief is a UK-based international charity. SHELTERBOX was founded by the Rotary Club of Helston, Cornwall. Working alongside UNICEF & other international charities, it provides emergency shelter & survival kits to 1000’s of families who have lost everything through natural disasters such as the earthquake in Turkey & Syria.

Shelterbox contentA full Shelterbox provides a robust tent and the basic essentials for sleeping, cooking and water purification for a family of 10 to survive for 6 months. There will also be small toys and books and pencils for children. SHELTER KIT’s, and SHELTER TOOL KIT’s used to build and repair are also needed. The contents of these kits are tailored to the need in the area and may include tarpaulin, ropes, tie wire, handsaw, nails, hammer, axes & other items such as water filters

Shelterbox highly trained response teams have been working tirelessly in both Turkey and Syria to deliver aid to the regions affected by the earthquake. The team in Turkey met with Rotarians colleagues in Istanbul to discuss the logistical challenges of accessing the affected areas.Shelterbox team

Within Syria, access is even more challenging given the limited number of border crossings and damage to infrastructure but Shelterbox are providing emergency tents, warm winter clothing and blankets as well as warm children’s clothing in northern Syria.

Rotarians have been working closely with the ShelterBox supply chain team to facilitate the movement of tents via a Turkish Airlines flights, provided free of charge, as part of efforts alongside the IFRC (The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) and Turkish Red Crescent.

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One of the things Rotarians rarely admit to is the selfish side of volunteering. After events we always come away feeling that we have made a difference. It’s a very uplifting feeling. If you haven’t experienced that feeling, then come and volunteer with us at any of our events. There’ll be a welcome for you.

To be one of the team of almost 100 that help at the Festival of Transport – just for a couple of hours, half a day or all day – get in touch with Paul Temple – see contact info.


Basingstoke Deane Rotary is a group of 35 men & women from a wide variety of backgrounds. All live locally in the borough but some commute to work outside Basingstoke. Most joined Rotary to help others less fortunate, and they find Basingstoke Deane Rotary adds another extremely enjoyable dimension to their lives.

If you would like to find out more about how we enjoy ourselves, just tune in to to see what we have coming up, or contact Helen or Paul above to find out more . We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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