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Old Basing u3a LogoAutumn starts to take over and face to face fun makes its comeback!

Our Activities Return Enthusiastically (but Carefully) to Normal

u3a spanish group picnicSeveral groups (like our Spanish Group) managed picnic meetings over the summer. However within any restrictions still remaining, we’re really delighted that most of our groups have begun to meet together again properly.

Both indoors and outdoors, we’re back to running a busy organisation, with a set of wide ranging activities taking place regularly for our members to enjoy once again – choosing as many as they want and can fit into a week!

To name but a few, indoors there’re sports like badminton and table tennis to join, as well as music groups, singing, dancing, lunches, art, crafts, quizzing, and board games. With history, science, languages, film studies available for others too, plus new bridge groups for beginners and improvers. Outdoors, members are enjoying walking sports such as football and netball, croquet and rounders, cycling, walking and photography.

The organiser of our excursions and holidays has remained tireless – with thanks to her, before Christmas some of us will have been to Croatia, Whitby, and the Royal Albert Hall! With more to come next year…

So, if you’re no longer in full time work and would like to join us, don’t forget these activities are waiting for you, for just one annual membership fee of £40.

Interested in Chess, Backgammon or Getting More Out of Your Mobile Phone?

We have members who would like to set up chess and/or backgammon groups if others join them. And a weekly tutorial on photography and video making on your mobile phone is on the cards, including how to use your home computer to enhance your images and edit your movies. We’re also looking for someone who plays short mat bowls and willing to organise a group for us as a member. Do let us know if you’re interested in any of these – we’re here to support as many activities as we can for our area:

phone: 07787 520 281

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