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If you’re worried about someone’s gambling

If you’ve been affected by someone else’s gambling, you can get help. You might want to:

    • Get emotional support for yourself
    • Talk to them about their gambling problem
    • Get help for them
    • Check if you’re responsible for any debt
    • Get help if you’re struggling with debt
    • Protect money or belongings you share with them

Get emotional support for yourself

Dealing with someone’s gambling problem can be very stressful. Their behaviour can affect your wellbeing – it’s normal to feel anxious, angry or hurt.
You can get support from the charity GamCare. Find out how to get support on the GamCare website.

Talk to the person about their gambling problem

It can be difficult to start the conversation. You might want to tell them how their behaviour is affecting you and ask them how big the problem is. You can also let them know they can get help.
You can find out how to talk to someone about their gambling on the GambleAware website.
If the person who gambles makes you feel anxious or threatened, it might be domestic abuse and you can get help.

Get help for the person who gambles

You can get support to help them with their gambling problem, including advice on how to:

    • Limit how much they gamble
    • Deal with debt
    • Get mental health support

If you have a problem about Gambling or any other issue such as Benefits, Debt, Employment, or Housing, please contact us to see how we can help you.

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