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Check if you can pay less council tax

You might be able to pay less council tax or not pay it at all depending on your circumstances.
You might be able to get:

    • discounts – for example, for a single person or an empty property
    • Council Tax Reduction (CTR) if you have low income
    • a different reduction if you can’t get much CTR

Check if you can get a discount on your council tax

You might get a discount automatically on your council tax bill. If you’re not sure whether you’re already getting a discount, check your bill or contact the council. You can find your council’s contact details on GOV.UK.
If you’re not getting a discount, you might still be entitled to one. It depends who lives in the property.

Check if you can get a single person discount

If you’re the only adult in your home, you’ll get a 25% discount on your council tax bill.
When working out how many people live in a property, some people aren’t counted – they’re called ‘disregarded people’.
If everyone who lives in the property is disregarded there’s still a council tax bill, but it will have a 50% discount. If everyone in your home is a student or severely mentally impaired, you won’t pay any council tax.
If you’re entitled to a discount because someone has moved out, tell the council. You’re entitled to the discount from when the person moved out, even if you told the council later.
Examples of Someone who will be Disregarded:

    • A young person living at home
    • In education or training
    • Temporarily away from home
    • People with learning disabilities or severe mental impairment
    • Ukrainian citizens

Some other people might also be disregarded – for example, some live-in care workers. Your local council will tell you if they’re disregarded when you apply.

If you owe money and you’re struggling to pay

You should speak to the organisations you owe money to – they might let you pay smaller amounts or take a break from payments.
Don’t ignore bills or letters about money you owe.

If you would like help dealing with council tax or the cost of living or any other issue, please contact Citizens Advice to see how we can help.

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