Cavalier Road birds

On the 29th of April Viv Boyns wrote:

I see that from your articles in the Basing that people let you know what birds they are seeing in their gardens, well I have had this pair of ducks every day now for about two weeks along side a green woodpecker photo’s attached, i hope you are well.

Rick Replies:

Hello, very good to hear from you and yes, I’ve been the nature notes writer and point of contact for about 20 years now ( where did that time go??).  Thank you for your photos and I’ll give you a mention in June notes.  Every year Mallards nest somewhere in gardens around here so are you sure there isn’t one in yours?  It is in truth a bit late now as they are very early layers so they could have finished, succeeded or failed.  They do give a problem when they nest so far from water as they’re very prone to predators or traffics when they go to move the ducklings. There’s rarely a happy ending sadly.   Love the green woodpecker though.  Big bouncy and noisy!!

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