Extras – January 2022

This is an index into the articles that didn’t make it into the printed magazine for January 2022. 


Befriending Service – Odiham Cottage Hospital

New Volunteering Opportunity for 2022.  Odiham Cottage Hospital’s Befriending Service is a volunteer led service run and managed by the Hospital and covers the areas of Odiham, Hook, Hartley Wintney and Old Basing and surrounding villages. Our clients are those who have become lonely and isolated due to living with a long-term health condition, or are receiving palliative care.  Read More

Crime Prevention Bulletin

Update from the Force Crime Prevention Team.  Edition 35, Dec 2021.  Read More

Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust.

Where do butterflies go in winter? – Think of butterflies and usually we associate them with sultry summer days, but have you ever wondered how these delicate insects survive harsh winters in the UK? Butterflies are ectothermic – or cold-blooded – meaning they cannot regulate their own body temperature and instead rely on external heat sources to warm up. This is why butterflies perch on leaves to bask in the sun or, conversely, seek shaded spots to cool down.   Read More

Merton Junior School – Governor vacancy

We currently have a Governor vacancy at our school and we are looking for a committed person to join the Team. We welcome applications from our parents and members of the community who may have experience in one of the following: Finance, Human Resources, Health & Safety, The Legal profession, An Educational setting  Read More

Tree-Cycle …

… your festive firs.  Make this year’s Christmas green and recycle your real Christmas tree. Garden waste service customers in Basingstoke and Deane can put their real Christmas trees out for collection with their fortnightly garden waste in the New Year.  Read More