Latest Hampshire Constabulary Crime Prevention Advice

Latest Hampshire Constabulary Crime Prevention Advice

Have you been telephoned to say there is a problem with your computer or broadband? 

This is a really clever and nasty fraud, fraudsters telephone you to pretend there is a problem with software on your computer or broadband and state they can fix it by remotely connecting to it. They will instruct you to download a remote access viewing programme and once it’s in place,  they will have control of that computer. People have lost their life savings in this way, and it’s devastating for those who fall victim.  

If you get called in this way, the fraudsters may say they are from Microsoft, Talk Talk, Apple, BT or another firm. Don’t confirm anything and do not start any process. Simply hang up. If you are worried that you may have had this experience, we would recommend you have an expert look at your laptop/computer in case there is still the software on it. You can also call us on 101 quoting Operation Signature.


Hampshire Constabulary Crime Prevention Advisor

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