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Exhibition Planning

Our Art Groups Come Together to Plan an Exhibition

u3a art groupSome of our u3a members like to join up to learn about art and art history in their group. But other members have a creative side they want to explore. So when Festival Place offered us exhibition space after Christmas, our Art 4 All and Art & Craft groups leapt at the chance to start working for it together. The date has yet to be set, but watch for us in the town centre and drop in to say hello if you’ve a creative side to explore too!

Arts and Crafts but Much More Too

u3a art group memberOur Art & Craft activities cover a wide range of drawing and painting, as well as crafts such as card-making. We have Creative Writing, Gardening, Sewing, Photography and Calligraphy groups too. But of course we run lots of activities for those who feel less creative and want to live life in other ways. Whether you want to enjoy sports or games, quizzing or reading, dancing or singing, or you’d like to keep on learning – we’ve something for all!

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