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Sounds of the 60s and Skittles!

pop groupAre you missing those great 60s (and 70s) sounds? Would you like to re-create some of them for fun? The u3a is looking for members who are experienced musicians and singers of either sex to get together, maybe once a fortnight for 2-3 hours, to make some good-quality music.

If this sounds like you, and you have a decent singing voice, or play lead or rhythm electric guitar, keyboard or drums (and have your own instruments/kit), do please contact us.

We’re planning a new weekly Skittles Group too, meeting at the Town’s Bowling Club, Fairfields Road, Mondays from 10:00 – 12:00. Again, contact us if you’re interested in joining up and playing with us. You’ll be very welcome; places will be first come first served!

Getting to Grips with Web Sites, Facebook and Smartphones

We’re also looking for people who might enjoy constructing their own websites but wouldn’t know where to begin. A member has volunteered to lead a basic web design group, including things like putting photos on it. And whatever we think of it, Facebook’s now an important part of millions of lives, so someone else has offered to lead a group for members who are interested in learning what it has to offer – how to create Facebook pages, for example.

Finally – Smartphone camera masterclasses. Are you getting the most out of your phone – our members shot all the u3a video on our website on mobile phones! Again, if you’d like to learn how to take better photographs and create videos, we’d love to hear from you.

BadmingtonMany of our existing groups are fully back in action at last – such as badminton, table tennis, cycling, walking, dancing, rounders, walking football and netball for the more active of us. Our singers are singing, and creative members are enjoying arts and crafts, including painting, sewing, needlework, and flower arranging.

Those who like quizzes and indoor games are coming together to play, from bridge to board games like Scrabble and Rummikub. Study groups still include modern languages, film studies, Latin, calligraphy, philosophy, science and literature.

There’s plenty to choose from and trips and holidays are being planned as well. Look out too for our second Christmas Fundraising Quiz.

email: basingstokeu3aenquiries@gmail.com

phone: 07787 520 281


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