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We’re Still Having Fun
Why not join us in September?

Meet and Greet Day 14th September Queen Mary’s College

On the 14th September, all our activities will be on show in the hall at QMC, so that members can come and talk to our different groups again, and pay their annual membership fee of £45. For this amount, we join in with as many activities as we want, with no extra costs apart from for lunches, excursions and holidays – and any materials we might need for interests such as painting, sewing and gardening. If you’re interested in joining in too, you’ll be very welcome on the 14th. If we haven’t already got a group to match what you want to do – we’ll try to set one up with you.

We Enjoy Ourselves Indoors

u3a Indoor activitiesThere’s already lots to do indoors from sports like table tennis and badminton, to discussions in philosophy or science. There’s several kinds of dancing on offer too, with our ballroom group always keen to find some more men to join in!
Not all groups follow their usual routines during the summer holidays, but our quiz group is still meeting in the cool at St Andrews Church, South Ham.

And Outdoors Too

u3a Outdoor ActivitiesMany of us enjoy keeping healthy outdoors by playing walking football, rounders and netball, or croquet perhaps. Some of us love walking or cycling too, with one walking group taking their cameras as well. All for the one annual membership fee, with many of us planning for our excursions and holidays as well.

Come and Meet Us!

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