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A New School Year – a new skill to learn.

Do you know any adults who struggle with reading? Can you imagine how hard it must be to be unable to help your child with his or her reading when they start school, and throughout those early years when a parent’s input is so vital to a child’s progress?

This is a comment from a parent who has learnt to read with Read Easy:

  ‘There was a time when I would panic or change the subject when it came to reading with my twin daughters. I have always struggled, but to deny your own children the chance to hear you read to them was heart wrenching. It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to read with your children’.  


We have been helping adults in Basingstoke to learn to read or to improve poor reading skills for over four years and have seen the difference that it can make not only to self-confidence and belief, but to employment prospects and general health and wellbeing.

Reader Anastasia receiving level 1 certificateReReader Tony receiving level 1 certificateaders Tony (left) and Anastasia (right) receiving a Certificate for reaching Level 1 of our reading programme from their Coaches. Great work!

Learning to read confidently as an adult really is life-changing in so many ways. At Read Easy Basingstoke, we offer a FREE, friendly and completely non-judgemental approach to learning to read to any adult who lacks confidence with basic reading. We provide each Reader with a trained volunteer coach to work on a one-to-one basis.

If you know someone who has difficulty reading and who we can help, or if you would like to volunteer to join our Team then do please get in touch:

Contact us at or 07952 450789

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