Referendum version NHP Published

The Referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan has been published.

You can read a copy here.

The Referendum is on June 7th SO BE SURE TO VOTE! We will be putting up local publicity for the date nearer the time.



    Having served on the Parish Council some years ago I recognise the difficulty of producing viable and meaningful studies such as this that residents feel are both useful and interesting. I have to say that the Plan is a very impressive piece of work and the author and contributors are to be congratulated. One missing bit of important info however was that people intending to vote still don’t know why they are being asked to. I assume that the voting slip will have one question that says ‘Do you agree with and therefore support the Plan’ Yes or No. If anyone reads this Plan then the obvious answer has to be yes. As far as the Anon contributor on 29th May mentions a ‘sack of money’ being wasted, yes, on the face of it that’s true but as I understand it , it is a requirement of the B&D Council (as a tick box) and that they pay for the referendum (but yes of course its us in the long run!)

  2. Anon

    What am I voting for? Having a plan against NOT having a plan? Is this a trick questions because surely it’s obvious.
    So why are we wasting a sack of money having a referendum about it?


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