Unexpected Hedgehog Visit

On the 26th February Phil Males wrote:

I still haven’t managed to get a decent shot of the albino newts and now the weather has turned much colder and the pond has iced over I shall have to wait for a warmer spell.

However, whilst I was eating lunch last Wednesday I spotted this hedgehog out on the lawn. It proceeded to my mealworm feeders and started eating the mealworms underneath the feeders. It fed for about 10 minutes and then went for a drink at the pond (before it subsequently froze over). It then went round to the front of the house and curled up and buried itself in the leaves under the rosemary bush immediately under my bay window. Obviously a
good warm south facing spot. It was in good condition though on the small side. It did have a very slight snuffle but was not breathing badly.

Possibly the warm spell woke it up but why it was out in daytime I am not sure. Hopefully it will hunker down somewhere sheltered and warm now the weather has turned artic. I appears to have left the area under the

Rick Replies:

I agree, youd rather they werent awake right now as food will be a at premiu for sure and any underweight hogs may well succumb. Good that you happened to have feeder food that he liked and sounds like he had a good lunch. Someone in Inkpen Gardens has a hog in their garden most evenings which gets stuck into some dog food, so they are about.
Thanks for the pics.