Winners and Losers on the Millfield

On the 12th of June Gill More wrote:

I went for a wander around Mill Field and on the far ‘village’ side in the woodland edge I heard a repeated harsh sound. It was coming from the woody bit beyond the fence and I stood by the fence but couldn’t see anything but the sound was repeated again and again. When two people came along with dogs it stopped. At home I looked up deer as I could not think it could be anything else and learned it was a muntjac and apparently the females call repeatedly immediately after giving birth to attract a mate.  So maybe there had been a recent new arrival?

And then on the 14th of June Phil Males wrote:

It was interesting when walking on the Millfield this week to contrast the fortunes of the local flora and fauna. The spotted orchids are really struggling to be seen in the lush and verdant undergrowth, whereas the muntjac has been encouraged to come out in the middle of the day (this was around noon) as there is plenty of cover to dive into when needed.

Surprisingly I saw another muntjac today just off the path at the back of the Tesco Express store in Lychpit. This time at about 10.00am in the morning. It possibly could be the same female muntjac.

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