Development around Old Basing.

Map of area around Old Basing showing designated development areas.

Area designated for development.

The Borough council is proposing to modify the Local Plan. Large areas of agricultural land around Old Basing to be developed for over 2800 houses.

Public Meeting @ British Legion Hall

Public Meeting @ British Legion Hall

There was  well attended and heated public meeting at British Legion Hall last week (w/e 22/08/21).  About 150 people attended in a bid to understand the council’s plans. The council are going to designate all of the fields around the village as development land.

There is a council meeting at 18:30 on 2nd September 2021, local villagers have been encouraged to attend (arrive early at 17:45) and demonstrate their opposition to this development.

 The agenda for the council meeting together with the reports being discussed can be found on the Basingstoke and Dean Council website

(See SOLVE- Save Our Loddon Valley Environment for update about the protest meeting)

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