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This is part of the junior section of Basinga Extra for our younger readers. You may submit a written article on any subject and provide photographs if available.

Written by Maxi, Poppy, Gabe, Pippa & Conor in Year 3 at Great Binfields.

Excitingly, Year 3 at Great Binfields Primary School have been learning about and reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. On Tuesday 20th April we found lots of metal trinkets on our field. We were so excited we almost exploded with happiness! We have been writing news reports about this event and we are going to publish them in a Binfields Blog on our school website.

In Maths we have been looking at capacity. In three weeks Hawthorn and Hazel are going to be making fruit mocktails in our Maths lessons – yum! We asked groups of six people how much fruit they want out of: apple, cranberry, mango, pineapple and orange. They could choose the amount of cordial they would like, but only in multiples of 50ml. Each child will then be given a 250ml drink once it has been made. They can take it home to enjoy.

We have also been drawing Iron Man in our Art and creating PowerPoint presentations about the book in our Computing sessions. Even though we can’t stay overnight as planned because of Covid, we are also looking forward to visiting the Weald & Downland Museum next half term.

April 2021

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Some ideas for articles: Tell us about what you have done in this COVID lockdown, things you may have seen whilst out and about.   What are you going to do when the lockdown is lifted?  Share details about any clubs that you belong to, tell everyone what you do there.  When you were allowed, where did you go on holiday?  In fact, just get writing, about anything. And don’t forget, you may include photographs as part of your report.  You can send us your report using the submit button.


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