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Our small friendly group get together in the afternoon of the 1st Monday of the month for lively discussions on a range of topics. Under normal circumstances these meetings take place in each other’s homes. We also meet for lunch once a month, and our reading group meet in the evening every 4th Thursday. Social outings to the cinema, theatre, etc are organised on an ad hoc basis.

Since March 2020 we have been meeting regularly on Zoom, at the beginning of lockdown it was once a week for either a discussion or a quiz. We now meet on Zoom once a fortnight, once for our main monthly meeting, and an extra meeting mainly to keep in touch. The Reading Group has also been meeting on Zoom.

We did manage a couple of lunches last year, an afternoon tea, and a wine tasting afternoon when some restrictions were lifted. The wine tasting has become the most popular event of the year, held in the beautiful garden of one of the members of the group. As you can see from the photographs we had perfect weather and a very enjoyable day.




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