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PPG Web Site Development

This now seems to be a “go to” location for information about local health related services as recently we have seen more than 1000 visits per week! The surgery has welcomed the content in its endeavour to help with the NHS push for patients to think more about “Self Help” enterprises as well as giving helpful news around the PPG and matters concerning the four surgery locations. If you haven’t visited yet, why not give it a look?

Health Focus

There is an extensive network of local and national resources and support groups available to you. Working with the practice the PPG has created and launched the Self Help pages, which are available to you on the PPG website and the Practice will be integrating this resource into their working practices. It will take some time to create a bank of texts for staff to select to guide you to this information and in the meantime you can still carry out your own research directly on the pages.

This month the PPG are providing information on two subjects, Lung Health and Cancer Awareness. Further information is on our Self Help Pages at the address above, simply click Cancer Support or Lung Health.

Some Highlights from the pages:

      • This month is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Symptoms to look out for are a bloated tummy, tummy pain, needing to wee more and always feeling full. – The charity ‘Target Ovarian Cancer’ has more information and an advice line, or you could ring NHS 111 if you have concerns.
      • The local ‘Breath Easy’ support group meets monthly and is for people with Asthma and Lung Conditions.
      • 13th March is National No Smoking Day. ‘Smoke Free Hampshire’ offers a free service to help you quit smoking. Why not take control of your lung health and join many others who will quit this month?

Patient Feedback

Last month there was a glitch at the practice around some appointments being booked at the wrong surgery. This was due to human error. Members of staff have undertaken re-training and this should not re-occur.

The PPG has also raised accessibility issues at the Hackwood surgery and the practice is working to have the landlord address these and other issues.

It was noted that the surgery was closed for a half day on Wednesday 28th February as were all surgeries across North Hampshire for a training session dictated by the local NHS ICB. The somewhat obscure closure poster had been provided by the ICB and the Practice Manager took on board the need for the surgery to improve on its visibility for future occasions.

Dr.iQ Training

The PPG and the surgery ran a further training session at the end of February for a group of patients invited by the surgery. The session was regarded as helpful and they were able to solve the problems of all patients who attended. These sessions will be repeated and managed by CGHB and the PPG.

CGHB Surgery Update


In 2024 there were 20.5 newly salaried GP sessions, replacing some locums There has been no staff losses in 2024 and a new nurse practitioner has been recruited. A receptionist has moved to the medical reports team to help with the backlog in this area and a replacement recruited, with a further replacement ready in two weeks, together with a new practice nurse. The recruitment situation is currently good with only two receptionist vacancies outstanding within the support team.


Measles is an infection that spreads very easily and can cause serious problems in some people. Cases of measles are increasing.

The main symptoms of measles are:

A high temperature (fever) and a rash alongside a cough or red, sore, watery eyes; or a runny or blocked nose.

If you think you or your child may have measles, do not attend the surgery, contact your GP practice either via the telephone or Dr.iQ.

Other Items

The surgery has a system where texts are sent out 7 days and 1 day before an appointment as a reminder but asks patients to ensure they have noted the appointment detail when it is made.

The practice clarified that where appointments are not available for on-going pre-planned treatment such as injections, the patient should ask receptionists to escalate their appointment request to the Practice Manager who will be able to arrange this.

It was also noted that Blood tests can still be booked at either the surgery or on-line at the Hospital whichever is more convenient for the patient.

In December there were 21,000 telephone calls received by the practice. Seasonal illnesses caused a rise in requests for consultations, which slowed appointment availability. There is always a need to Triage to ensure that the most urgent cases are seen first.

Comments, Feedback & Complaints

The surgery welcomes feedback from patients and strives to learn from us in helping them deliver a first class service.

Please also note that if you do have reason to complain about a service or anything related to the surgery that this matter is kept confidential, will be logged and tracked on a separate system and no record of this is entered on your medical records.

For Beggarwood and CGHB complaints, please visit the CGHB web site to register your dissatisfaction. The web address is :- CGHB employ a full time Patient Experience Manager and so you should get a speedy response and certainly an acknowledgement within 3 working days. If you are not satisfied with the way they have dealt with your complaint, you can contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to review your case on 0345 015 4033 or via their website: