Basingstoke and District Railway Society – April 2024

Basingstoke & District Railway Society

Upcoming Events

On Wednesday 10th April our presenter will explore some fairly local railway history. On a return visit, Richard Marks will present The Arrival of Railways in Reading which will include the line to Basingstoke and the ‘Berks and Hants’ line to Newbury.

A number of completely new steam locomotives are being constructed around the country. One scheme with a particularly fraught history is the LMS Patriot Project. On Wednesday 24th April the Project Chairman, Colin Hall, will bring us the latest news on the project to build a new ‘Patriot’ class locomotive, to be named ‘The Unknown Warrior’ to honour the fallen of the first world war.

Our meetings are at 7.45pm at The Wote Street Club in New Road in Basingstoke town centre, RG21 7NG, which has a licenced bar and usually conclude by 10.00pm. Do join us for these meeting, either by becoming a Society member or as a visitor (at a cost of just £5). Membership details are on our website at or call the Secretary on 07837 320790.