Basingstoke Civil Service Retirement Fellowship 11/22

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The October monthly meeting was held on the 5th of the month as usual in Brookvale Village Hall. At the meeting the Chairman, David Cowling, welcomed the members present and proceeded to wish Happy Birthday to the persons with birthdays in October. The Chairman also reminded members of the trips planned for the rest of the year.

November Outing

Garden CentreThe November trip to Bordon has been changed to Rosebourne Garden Centre, Weyhill where we will be able to buy lunch as well as visit the Garden Centre for pre-Christmas shopping. This is on the 17th of November. The cost of the trip is £14 and £16 for non-members. For December the trip is the Christmas lunch at BCOT on the 15th the cost of which is £30. If anyone wishes to come on either of these trips please let us know. Welfare Officer, Christine Broadbent, also updated members on the progress of members currently in hospital or unwell.

Anyone is welcome to come on any of these trips and if you would like join us please let us know.

Body Language

Happy SmileyOur talk this month was by Alan Jones and titled ‘Body Language’. In this interesting talk he explained how humans have the inborn skill to read other humans’ body language without even being aware that they are doing this. We do this without words within 7 seconds, and 76% of the time, we are accurate. We do this instinctively and sub-consciously with women being better at it than men. The hands and face are the first to be noticed when we meet others although not all gestures are universal so some caution is required in foreign countries as some gestures can have completely different meanings to those intended.

Next Meetings

The next meeting is on 2nd November with a presentation from Mercy Ships about Medical Care to the Under Served. On 7th December there is the usual Christmas Buffet with a talk from Paul Whittle about his train journey to the Arctic Circle.Arctic Train

The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Brookvale Village Hall from 10am to 12 noon and all retired Civil Servants, their relatives and friends are welcome.  Further details about the group and information about our trips can be obtained by contacting –

— Margaret Atkinson

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