Starlings over The Hatch

Hi Richard
I know it’s not on your scale but most afternoons we’ve been watching a “murmeration” over the Hatch Caravan Park area.
We live in Fairthorne Rise and we get a fantastic show around 4pm each day looking south. You may have already seen it of course.
Yesterday was the best as there must have been over 1000 set against a lovely sky.
Taken a few pics but they don’t do it justice.
Not sure where they go down to roost but it’s well worth viewing.

Happy new year.
Colin and Viv Williams


  1. Kevin Curtis (Post author)

    I found out where they are this evening and you wouldn’t believe it. I went down chalk cake as I could see numerous little flocks zipping over the roofs and darting down. There was a medium sized conifer absolutely full of twittering starlings, probably several hundred!
    Whether they go there every night or not I don’t know and the big flock of yesterday weren’t there today ( at least I didn’t see them anyway).
    I’ll keep checking this spot I think!

  2. Kevin Curtis (Post author)

    Hello Colin & Viv.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and many thanks for your message. By coincidence Penny and I went for a walk around the area late yesterday and saw this!
    I was unaware of such in old basing although on Boxing Day I’d seen about 159 birds wheeling about near Lingfield close.
    Last evening there were as you say a 1000 or more so we will pop out again this afternoon and have a better look.
    Quite astonishing though that we have our own murmuration right here.


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