Poster Competition

We have been impressed by some of the posters that have been generated for Village Events.  So much so that we have decided to offer, twice a year, a small prize for the best that we display on our website.


Our next award will be made in September 2020.

The prize will be awarded for the best poster that we display on our Forthcoming Events section from 1st April 2020 to 31st August 2020 , so please keep sending your posters in and you may end up winning the next prize!

To be eligible the poster must be advertising an event within the parish between the two dates stated.
Follow this link to see the posters that have qualified for the next award.


Spring 2020 St Marys Flower Arrangers
Autumn 2019 Old Basing Singers
Spring 2019 Rosey Stevens
 Spring 2018  by Christine Young
 Autumn 2017  by Aidan Hannigan
Spring 2017  by Cathy Rowe
Autumn 2016  
 by Aidan Hannigan
Spring 2016   by Rosemary Kershaw
Autumn 2015   by Aidan Hanningan
Spring 2015 by Jackie Simpson
Autumn 2014 by Glenice Symonds
Spring 2014 By Christine Young